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Welcome to Unbreakable Bonds, the site for Sonic couples!

This is a site I planned to do for Sonic couples, and I will enjoy making it. All Sonic couples are supported here, and if you don't like Sonic couples or think they're stupid, then SHOO! Everyone else, enjoy!




16th September
Dr. Robotnik's profile has been added to the site.


16th August
Due to problems with my computer I'm having difficulty accessing the forum, and it's not just my forum, it's all Invisionfree forums. My guess is that it's a virus which AVG doesn't seem to want to remove or somebody thought it funny to block me out. Until my dad can be bothered to call someone to look at it (he's currently refusing to do so >_<), I won't be on the forum unless I am using Flash's laptop or a college computer. Yesterday the Merchandise page was updated.


22nd July
Eight days left until I turn seventeen years old. Yay! And along with that, the Unbreakable Bonds forum now has 100 members! Yay!


12th July
Added some questions to the Q&A page. I've also added some avatars to the Image Village. There are some more AMVs to look at in the Music Videos section.


27th June
We've received news that somebody has been planning to report the forum to Invisionfree just for the sake of getting rid of a good forum. Not to mention a while back we received intelligence that we may receive an invasion. I do not know if these two situations are linked, but I ask everyone to keep an eye out for any troublemakers. There is not to be any pornography on the forum. There is not to be any couple bashing, or flaming. Thank you.


3rd May
Blaze the Cat's profile has been added to the site.


1st May

I have been updating but I keep forgetting to mention it here... anyway, I've updated the Blinkie section. There is now pro blinkies for Fang/Amy, Espio/Blaze, Tails/Amy/Sonic, Big/Blaze and Sonic/Blaze. Feel free to use them but please give credit. ^^


7th April

 Rouge's profile has been added to the Character's section. If you wish to express your honest, non-bashing opinion on a character, then please either post it in the Guestbook or e-mail me.


4th April

 The awards section has been added. See who's been currently nominated there!


1st April

 April Fools! Nah, it's nothing. Go into the 'General' section and check out Image Village! New pro couple blinkies have been added!


14th March

 Guestbook has been replaced. Why, might you ask? Because somebody flamed me, and I don't accept flames on this website. I ask that nobody flames in the guestbook; it gives off the impression that you're a flaming retard (SF worded it that way). I am not a couple extremist, nor a 'bitch' nor 'pathetic' as it was so rudely worded. I ask for flames not to be left.
 BTW, this site doesn't just support Sonic/Amy, to those who believe it does. Because it was one of the two most popular couples on my survey, I put the big Sonamy and Taiream blinkies up there. If you don't support it, or any couple, it's okay. If you do support stuff, that's cool.


10th February

Site given a new domain due to an unfixable mess-up on the first one.


12th January
Adding couple hints to the relationships. Sonic/Amy, Shadow/Rouge and Antoine/Bunnie already done.


19th November

More sprite sheets have been added.


17th November

Shojo-Ai links added. More reasons will be added if they are submitted. And a Sprite Sheet section has been added to the site. Feel free to explore the sprite sheets I've put up, which, I note, don't belong to me. Credit goes to the people that made the sheets.


16th November

Ok, I've decided to add updates! So here goes! Shonen-Ai section has all the links added. All couple pages will need to undergo a bit more to make them more likable. Started adding links to the Shojo-Ai section.


The site for Sonic couples!