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The evil genius and another guy...

Why do people support this couple?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "Okay, I am going to talk about probably the only yaoi couple involving Eggman I like, and it's Eggman/Sonic. When I first laid eyes on this couple, I dismissed it; thinking that there were no way two enemies could ever be lovers, especially not in some universes I've seen. But as time went on, I began to notice more and more likeabilities about the pairing. Sure it's unusual, but in a good way. They may be enemies in shows such as satAM but Eggman isn't as 'evil' as he used to be. He actually doesn't want Sonic dead, due to the fact he sees Sonic as a rival and not an enemy. In episode 53 of Sonic X, Eggman found Sonic injured on the shore of the beach, with the tide coming in. If he really hated Sonic that much, he would've left him there to drown when the tide came in. But he saved him. He can't hate him that much. Plus, they ended up married in AoStH, and we never knew if they divorced, though AoStH never really delves into things like that. All in all, they are rivals, they enjoy fighting one another and pretend they really hate each other. But they can't hate each other that much, seeing as Eggman saved Sonic when he was unconscious and brutally injured and Sonic would probably save Eggman if his life was in danger. So yeah, I now have come to see why people support it and I enjoy the hilarity this couple produces, even if it'll never happen (thankfully) in the real series."

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