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The green crocodile with who?



Names for the Couple: Not really any names found. Most people call it plain old "VectorxJulie-Su".


Age Gap: In Archie (seeing as that is the only universe Julie-Su appears in), Julie-Su is said to be seventeen, and Vector is said to be about eighteen there so there is only about one year between them. If you used the game Vector's age, the age gap would be three years.


Seme/Uke: Both. Neither of them are the type to be dominated all the time.


Similarities: Both are overconfident, stubborn and can both are tough characters that take no nonsense.

Differences: None I can think of at the moment, though they are very different characters.





  • Vector and Julie-Su seem constantly at each other's throats.
  • While a story was told, it seemed that Vector and Julie-Su actually got on with each other for a little while at least.

Why do people support this couple?

None as of yet.



Names for the Couple: I have seen it being referred to as "Vectouge" once.


Age Gap: Game-wise, their age difference would be three years, Vector being older.


Seme/Uke: Both equally, for some reason, I don't think Vector or Rouge would like to be dominated.


Similarities: Both are determined characters that would never give up on achieving their goal. They are both also tough characters.

Differences: Vector can be quite sweet at times, whereas Rouge certainly isn't. Plus, Rouge seems quite calculating and is a thief whereas Vector is one type of person against that.




Why do people support this couple?


None added yet.



Names for the Couple: I have seen a few names for this couple, mainly "Vecilla" and "VecVanilla".


Age Gap: As Vanilla's official age is unknown, so is the age gap. It's safe to assume she's over twenty somewhere. So the age gap probably isn't that big.


Seme/Uke: Most likely Vector would be seme, as he's the more dominant type, leaving Vanilla as the uke.


Similarities: Both are heroes, and seem to like peace and quiet. Despite Vector's intimidating appearance, he can be rather gentle at times, like Vanilla.

Differences: Vector is sort of childish at times whereas Vanilla is more of a mature type. Plus, the way Vector brings up Charmy (It seems to me like Vector and Espio are Charmy's carers) is different to the way Vanilla brings up Cream.




Sonic X:

  • Vector tries his hardest to bring Cream back to Vanilla, and nevertheless is stunned when he lays eyes on her at the Thorndyke's mansion (39).
  • When Vanilla called Vector, the crocodile seemed to forget his bad mood with Charmy dropping the phone on his head while they were talking (59).
  • Despite the impossibility it seemed of them getting into space, Vector claimed he would do it regardless (59).
  • Vector tells Espio fiercely that he made a silent promise to Vanilla that he would bring Cream back. In the Japanese and French version, Vector seemed to daydream about Vanilla crying on his shoulder while he himself had stars in his eyes (59).
  • Vector and Vanilla walk through the forest, talking about the planet, Cream and Vanilla's cooking and various things (78).

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "I think that Vector and Vanilla would make a cute couple. Mainly because in Sonic X episode 59, he tended to blush a bit about her. And in episode 78, the two walked in the forest talking. It is plain obvious that Vector fancies her, why was he so desperate to bring Cream home to her, or find Cream when she went missing? It's not only to prove that he's a good detective, but it might also be to impress Vanilla. And chances are Vanilla might like him back. And they are also about the same age, in their twenties. So Vector and Vanilla make a good couple."


Flash says: "I think that Vector and Vanilla would make a cute couple. Vector clearly fancies her."

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