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Who would the swallow from Riders be best suited to?

Names for the Couple: No couple names exist yet, as this couple is rarely supported, probably due to Wave being new or such. The name "Shadwave" comes to mind but nobody has used it or any other name yet.
Age Gap: Unknown, as Wave's age was never revealed. But at a rough guess, it's possible she might be about sixteen. So if you count Shadow's physical age (sixteen) only, there is no age gap really. However, if you look at Shadow's mental age, that's a whole different story.
Seme/Uke: Both. Though I think Wave would probably be more dominant that Shadow for some reason.
Similarities: They both have pretty big egos on them and both can be rather overconfident characters.

Differences: The fact that Wave has a sort of 'bitch factor' and Shadow can show a generous heart when need be. Also, Wave is clever in Extreme Gear whereas it is doubted Shadow knows a lot at all about them, other than riding them of course.
  • Apart from appearing in the same game, they have no hints between them.
Why do people support this couple?
Swift says: "The idea of Shadow/Wave is growing on me but at the moment my opinion on this couple is neutral."
Names for the Couple: No couple names really exist. The nearest one that comes to mind is probably "Sonave" but no names have been used yet.
Age Gap: As I am guessing Wave's age to be about sixteen, I am guessing that the age gap is about a year (Wave being the older one).
Seme/Uke: Both. I doubt either would want to be dominated by the other constantly.
Similarities: They both have pretty big egos on them and both can be rather overconfident characters (much like Shadow/Wave). Plus, they both seem rather experienced at riding Extreme Gear.

Differences: The fact that Wave often puts down others to make herself feel secure isn't something Sonic does. Plus, Sonic isn't a thief whereas Wave is.
  • When Wave dissed Tails, Sonic was there and questioned why she dissed his buddy to Knuckles and Amy.
  • They appeared together a bit but no real hints, other than the fact that both the Heroes and Babylons worked together to stop the genie.
Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Jet/Wave and Storm/Wave were explained in the other paragraphs so onto the only other hetero Wave couple I support... Sonic/Wave! Now for Sonic/Wave, it's completely random. It just popped into my head and I started supporting it. Sonic is a really nice guy who is probably one of the fastest on Extreme Gear. Then there's Wave, one of the best in mechanics where Extreme Gear is involved. They also seem to have big egos on them, but Sonic wouldn't put people down like Wave does. He could probably help her not to treat people as if they're beneath her all the time, and he'd help her to relax a little. In turn, she could probably do some work on his board... who knows?"




Names for the Couple: Probably one of the most supported out of the Hero/Babylon couples. I've not really seen many names for this couple, but I have heard of "Taiwave" being used somewhere.
Age Gap: As I am guessing Wave's age to be about sixteen, I suppose that the age gap would be slightly larger than the other Wave couples supported. The age gap would be about eight years, Wave being older.
Seme/Uke: Both, though I can sense Wave being slightly more dominant than Tails.
Similarities: They both have excellent skill where Extreme Gear is concerned, and can see an excellent gear straight away on first sight.

Differences: Wave may be able to spot excellent gear, but unlike Tails, she won't admit to it. She likes to think she's the only one who engineers and builds great gear, so she'll often put others down to secure herself. Wave also seems to be very confident about her gears, yet Tails isn't so much, though he does seem proud of it.
Sonic Riders:
  • Wave looks at Tails' gear, silently admitting to herself that he wasn't bad for an amateur. She then covers it up with a loud laugh, referring to his gear as a piece of junk, before walking away, calling him "Shorty."
  • Tails recalls Wave referring to his gear as a piece of junk and vows to work harder. He tells Sonic she's a brilliant mecha-mechanic, obviously hinting that maybe he took her words to heart.
  • Tails and Wave race against each other through Green Cave, in which Tails comes in first place, eliminating Wave from the competition.
  • Tails spots something on the Magic Carpet, and Wave compliments him, saying he's got good eyes, before saying she didn't think he'd spot it for a second but he did (she also called him "Shorty" again). The two then go on to tell the others that the carpet isn't just a piece of fabric.
Why do people support this couple?
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