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Who do you support the green bird from Riders with?



Names for the Couple: None yet, possibly referred to as "Jetamy" but that's all that comes to mind.


Age Gap: Jet's real age is unknown, but at a rough guess, I'd say he looks about fifteen, so the age gap would be three years.


Seme/Uke: Both definitely. Amy's quite strong and hard to overpower whereas Jet hates being second best... sorta. So I'd say they'd both share both roles.


Similarities: They both have ties with Sonic; Amy crushes on Sonic and Jet is Sonic's rival. They both seem fairly good on Extreme Gear, they're both speed types. They both are rather competitive characters at times too. They also have big egos.

Differences: Jet puts people down if he loses; if Amy loses, she may either rant about it (if she loses to someone she doesn't like) or she will not care about it. Jet tends to sulk if he loses. Plus, Jet's a thief and anti-hero, Amy is not.



  • Apart from appearing in the same game, they have no real hints between them, apart from when the Heroes and Babylons team up to stop the genie.

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "The idea of Jet/Amy is slowly but surely growing on me, mainly because Amy is seen as Sonic's love interest. Imagine all the shock it would stir up if she got together with his rival! Plus looking at their personalities, they aren't too different."


Metal says: "I just like pairing up Amy with Sonic's rivals."




Names for the Couple: None really come to mind, though it would probably be best referred to as "Jetouge".


Age Gap: Seeing as I think Jet is about fifteen, I'd say the age gap is two years, Rouge being older.


Seme/Uke: Both. I doubt Jet would want to be the less dominant one, probably because he is the leader of the Rogues and doesn't like losing power. Rouge is also a fairly powerful female who likes to be in charge as well, so they'd have to share.


Similarities: They're both thieves and like gems. Plus, they don't like losing, and they keep their goal in mind. They both are quite relaxed characters, they don't normally throw themselves into panic about something.

Differences: Not many differences, other than if Rouge loses she won't throw a tantrum about it, whereas Jet might throw a tantrum if it means a lot to him. Plus, Rouge seems quite mature whereas Jet is sort of immature at times.



  • Apart from appearing in the same game, they have no hints between them.

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Another hetero Jet couple I support is Jet/Rouge, because they're both thieves and anti-heroes. The only difference is that Rouge isn't a Babylon Rogue. It won't stop them stealing gems together though and it's pretty fun to work with once you're used to the initial idea."




Names for the Couple: Most people simply call it "JetWave" or just plain old "JetxWave".


Age Gap: As I'm guessing Jet is about fifteen and Wave looks about sixteen, the age gap would probably be about a year I think, with Wave being older.


Seme/Uke: Both; Jet's the boss, he probably wouldn't like the idea of another of the Rogue's actually dominating him. Yet Wave is also fairly strong in her own right and not one to be dominated. So they'd have to share as well...


Similarities: They're both Babylon Rogues, for a start and they're both thieves. Both of them are experienced with Extreme Gear, in different ways. Wave is good at engineering them, Jet is good at riding them. They also possess big egos and dislike losing.

Differences: While Jet is likely to throw tantrums when losing, Wave takes it more maturely. Plus, Wave prefers to take things seriously whereas Jet only wants to relax.



  • They both steal the Chaos Emerald together along with Storm and take part in the EX World Grand Prix.
  • While Jet is relaxing, Wave begins lecturing him on the responsibilities of leading the Rogues. Jet tunes her out and sneaks away from her to tease Sonic about his boarding abilities.
  • Wave convinces Jet that maybe what Eggman's after will have profit, especially if he wants it.
  • Wave takes the treasure out of Jet's hand and tells him that "treasure is treasure".

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "I support quite a lot of Jet couples now. Probably my most strongly supported Jet couple is the obvious one; Jet/Wave. Reason being is that firstly, Jet and Wave are both Babylon Rogues, so they know the responsibilities of being Rogues and they both probably knew each other as children though that is unknown. The fact that they're both thieves is another good thing; they have something in common there. They also are quite opposite. Wave knows exactly what it takes to be a Rogue, and knows of the responsibilities, which she takes quite seriously. Jet, on the other hand, is more relaxed. Has anyone seen the bit with Wave nagging Jet? They're like an old married couple! Plus you cannot deny they look cute together."

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