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The two-tailed fox and the sweet rabbit

Why do people support this couple?

Iesha says: "Two words "SO KAWAII!!" *giggles*. I loved them ever since I laid eyes on them. I'm a Tails/Cream fan and a Tails/Cosmo fan, but I'm more of a Tails/Cream fan now and I'm very protective about this couple because a Tails/Cosmo fan flamed my club and you guys know that I hate flamers.. Not only that, but they have lots of things in common like...
1) They're cute together.
2) They're of similar age.
3) They're both very polite. =3
4.) Cream's Amy's sidekick, Tails is Sonic's sidekick.
5.) They're both cute.
6.) They're both flight formations.
7.) Orange and brown matches.
8.) They're both kind.
9.) Both are popular.

Also you could see that there were some Tails/Cream moments in Sonic Rush. Put those two together and you got the cutest couple in the galaxy. That is why I love TailsxCream."


Flash says: "I have seen a lot of Tails/Cosmo bashers out. It was because of this that Swift stopped liking Tails/Cream. But I am not letting them change my opinions. Tails/Cream are cute although I support Taismo more I still like Taiream, mainly because of the cuteness factor."


Joe and Izzy says: "This is my favorite pairing! The first reason is because the first Sonic episode I ever watched had Tails and Cream in the same space ship together. Another is because they both are similar. They are both around the same age. Next Sonic's sidekick is Tails and Amy's sidekick is Cream, and if Sonic and Amy were to able get together, than Tails and Cream could get together too. They are both cute, and they have been together for so long, and it seems like they have a good relantionship."

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