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The two tailed fox and the plant girl

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as "Taismo" and "Taimo". On some occasions it is also referred to as "Cosails".


Age Gap: Pretty much the same age. It depends on how you see Cosmo's age; if you believe Cosmo is nine, then there is a one year age difference. If you believe she is eight, then there isn't even a year between them.


Seme/Uke: Both, I believe. But I think Tails would be a tad more dominative than Cosmo.


Similarities: Cosmo is just as peaceful, sweet and kind as Tails is.

Differences: Cosmo isn’t as smart as Tails is, and she has the tendency to daydream whereas Tails doesn’t.




Sonic X:

  • While Cosmo lays in his arms, Tails vaguely wonders who the young girl was and where she came from (53).
  • Tails and Cosmo were the two in the X Tornado as they battled the Meterex for their Planet Egg (53).
  • As the cave-in began, Tails pushed Cosmo out of the way before she was squashed beneath the rocks (62).
  • Cosmo worries for Tails when he is hurt after their long fall. As they're about to leave, Cosmo bandages Tails' wound while the young fox blushes... (62).
  • Cosmo translates the Meterex's language, and as Tails downloads it, he asks her if she'd like to help him translate in which she replies that she'd love to (62).
  • As Tails and Cosmo hide from the Meterex, Tails reveals that their location is hidden due to the fireflies. Cosmo fondly says Tails is a genius, to which the young fox once again blushes (62).
  • Cosmo feels unworthy to touch the Chaos Emerald, and hands it back to Tails, telling him that her soul is full of hatred for the Meterex and that she could only bring them destruction (62).
  • When Cosmo apologizes for bringing them too much danger, the gang say they're used to it. Tails then winks at her, and Cosmo slowly grins (62).
  • Cosmo brings Tails his lunch, and the two begin an enthusiastic chat (65).
  • Tails finds Knuckles acting strange (he really was taken over by Espio), and the issue there was awkward (65).
  • Tails bumps into Cosmo, and as Cosmo hurries away, Tails notices his friend had dropped something... (65).
  • Tails offers to help Cosmo prepare her party and the two have a lot of fun together putting everything together (65).
  • While they finish the touches, Tails tells Cosmo he likes being with her. Cosmo agrees, saying they made a good team (65).
  • Vector kicks the disco ball in frustration, in which Tails pushes Cosmo out of the way. He lands on top of her, and the two accidentally kiss... (65).
  • Tails helps Cosmo lift the disco ball to the ceiling, when he asks her if they could do things like this more often (65).
  • Tails notices Cosmo standing alone, and decides to talk to her. He gives her the thing she dropped before, and Tails tells her he had hoped it would make her happy. As Cosmo stares at the stars, Tails silently wishes he could tell her how he felt about her, and comes incredibly close to telling her she was beautiful (65).
  • As Cosmo walks down the street miserably, Tails tries to comfort her. The girl gets upset though at what the Marmolims predicted and runs off in tears (69).
  • Tails finds Cosmo on the cliff near the Marmolim's village, where the two talk for a while. As Tails heads back to the village, Cosmo chases him before tripping. Tails catches her before the two are thrown into the air. As the two land in the water, the two hug each other as they stare at the milky moon... (69).
  • Cosmo brings Tails some tea, and the two talk. Tails is concerned about something to do with the ship and his technical talk confuses Cosmo. When Tails apologizes, Cosmo tells him there's no need to as he couldn't help if he was the smartest guy around (70).
  • When Tails feels unworthy of captaincy, Cosmo reassures him that he's the only one who could command the ship (70).
  • When Shadow attacks Cosmo, Tails does everything it takes to protect her (73).
  • Tails is devastated that Cosmo is a spy and defends her when Knuckles thinks that maybe removing the device is most important (74).
  • Tails tells Cosmo that it doesn't matter if the Meterex uses Cosmo's eyes and ears, because they'd never have her heart (74).
  • Tails asks Cosmo to live with them on their planet after the Meterex are defeated (75).
  • Tails' heart is broken when Cosmo sacrifices herself to save the universe (77-78).

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Personally, I used to dislike it because back then I was one of those Tails/Cream extremists who hated any couple that interfered with Taiream. Now I've seen screenshots and the French version of Sonic X season 3, this has become my second favourite couple, next to Sonic/Amy. Just the way they are together... it's just so cute! They have a lot of interaction, and have personalities which compliment one another and bring out another side of them, giving them a little more depth. A lot of people dislike it because of fan girl/fan boy reasons; because they are pro-Tails/Cream or Tails/Amy, or that Cosmo is a Mary-Sue. I see no problem with liking all three and Cosmo’s personality is misunderstood. She is really kind and sweet and, to me, is no Mary-Sue. A lot of people felt they rushed into the relationship. Maybe that is true, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s cute and they suit."


Flash says: "My favourite Tails couple. I used to prefer Tails/Cream but since there has been a bit of trouble I've come to support Tails/Cosmo. They were so good together in Sonic X. "


Sweet Freak says: "Cute couple, no matter what they say, it's Taismo all the way for me! Clearly enough he loved her. She willingly gave her life to save the universe, knowing it would save Tails too. They even said they loved each other in the Japanese version. Tails would do anything to protect Cosmo, like when he got beaten to a pulp by Shadow to try and stop him from killing her. I think they’re adorable together... who cares that she’s a different species? Love is love."


Metal says: "I really love this couple. True love at its finest. They're similar, but not too similar, making them a perfect match."


Speck the Rabbit says: "Probably the greatest successful couple in Sonic history yet. People say that Cosmo and Tails should have never been together, purely because of species. I don't give a hoot about them, but as I say, you can find love in the oddest places, and this is no exception. And, from the wise words of Espio; 'A relationship should develop naturally'. If they fell for one another naturally, then that's it, and there is no excuse to stop it. People also say this was rushed. Although they may have been right, for the time they were together, It was... indescribable. I'm devastated Cosmo died, and I'm sure Tails will look up for a brighter future."

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