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The two tailed fox and the pink hedgehog

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "I supported them way back before Amy was redesigned, because they went together so well, and back then, I never considered Sonic/Amy because I thought Amy was too young. Mind you, I'll always support them more classically than recently. I could actually see this happening in Archie. Considering Amy and Tails both look up to Sonic and have experienced being treated as children, I think they'd work quite well. Plus, Amy could get Tails to open up a bit more and become more independent himself, and Tails could probably be able to handle Amy should she lose her temper. Anyway, even though Tails crushes on Fiona and there have been non-true rumours flying around about Amy getting paired with Sonic (which turned out to not be true), I think that Tails and Amy could turn to each other, considering Sonic seems to be interested in Fiona now and Tails will need someone to talk to, and Amy could be the perfect candidate. And Amy might be a bit upset considering she crushes on Sonic much like Tails crushes on Fiona. I could picture them getting together that way..."


Flash says: "I still believe in Sonic/Amy but Amy could go with Tails because they both like Sonic and Amy could get Tails to open up a bit more and Tails could help Amy with her temper."

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