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The blue hedgehog and the squirrel

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "This one was one I hated for a long time. I discovered it when I first noticed Sonic/Amy. Being young and naive, I assumed that there was only one Sonic universe instead of different versions, so when I discovered an Archie site, I assumed Sally existed in the games, so I supported Sonic/Sally for a little while and forgot Sonic/Amy . And I had never even heard of SatAM or Archie! Weird huh? It didn't last, I read fanfiction and watched Sonic X and I became incredibly pro-Sonic/Amy. Then a moment in Archie (#138 I think) made me dislike Sonic/Sally (the issue where Sonic and Sally break up). But now it's growing on me again. I still dislike it in Archie for reasons I won't go into, but when I downloaded SatAM and watched it, it was kinda cute. I especially liked it when they argued at the end of Blast to the Past 2 (Sonic: Was! Sally: Wasn't! XD) Opposites-attract. He's kinda dumb, she's smart, she's logical, he's adventurous... but I support SatAM Sonic/Sally only."

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