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The blue hedgie and the cheerful mongoose

Why do people support this couple?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "I was a bit iffy about this one at first, because I had never really heard of Mina, and didn't know her all that well. It was the same with Sally, but off of that, I discovered Mina's personality and realized what a great match she'd be for Sonic. I'm very neutral about this couple, but I definitely do not hate it, because otherwise I wouldn't be here. Anywho, I believe this couple has quite a lot of similarities between them with quite a few noticeable differences too. So they fall nicely inbetween opposites-attract and common interest. The things they share in common are the fact that they both appear speedy, they both love music which makes me think that SU's Sonic would be better for Mina than Archie's Sonic, because he's a singer too in that series. They have some small differences between them too which are quite noticeable. From what I've seen at times, Mina can lack confidence in herself (her previous stage fright might be proof of this) and Sonic can help her gain it. She also seems pretty level-headed, whether that will have good effects on Sonic or not. In any case, Mina and Sonic would make a good pair in their own right, because even though she is with Ash now, it is clear that she still has feelings for Sonic."

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