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The blue hero and the fiery cat

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as "Sonblaze" by the fans and haters alike. Others also like to refer to it as "Sonlaze". Very rare people refer to this couple as "Blazonic" but there are some people out there who call this couple that.


Age Gap: One year.


Seme/Uke: Equal, if you ask me. Both of them are rather independent, kick-butt characters and I could not see one ever having complete domination over the other.


Similarities: The fact that they're both fairly speedy (though Sonic is definitely faster without any doubts) and both fairly powerful and independent is something the two share in common. They both can be pretty stubborn too.

Differences: Blaze is fairly shy and Sonic certainly isn't and the fact that Sonic always accepts help from his friends while Blaze tends to bear burdens alone can also be considered a difference.



Sonic Rush:

  • Blaze refuses to meet with Sonic fairly stubbornly and finds herself irritated by his constant mention. Nevertheless, when she first meets him, she isn't as irritable.
  • Sonic continuously offers his help to the young female feline, who continuously declines.
  • Blaze and Sonic end up fighting with each other when Sonic offers his help. Blaze then reveals that because of her powers, she had always been alone and it's why she must work alone (Blaze's story). Sonic then tells her he admires her fortitude.
  • Sonic feels sympathetic for Blaze, shown when he thinks "It seems like she's had a rough past."
  • Blaze relies on Sonic when he goes to face Eggman Nega (in Sonic's story) as she was injured from their previous battle.
  • Super Sonic and Super Blaze (Is that Blaze's super form's name?) say farewell by shaking hands, and as far as the fans see it, the moment is rather emotive.

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