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The blue and pink hedgies

Names for the Couple: Mainly called "Sonamy" by the couple's fans and haters alike, though it has been called "Amyson" on rare occasions by few fans. It is also referred to as "Soamy" on occasion, and one person has even called it "Somy".


Age Gap: Three years in most universes. In some universes, the age gap is bigger, but mostly seen as three-four years (it depends on if you see Sonic as fifteen or sixteen years of age).


Seme/Uke: I could never see one more dominant over the other; they'd both play the role of seme and uke at one point.


Similarities: Both are pretty hard-headed characters, both as stubborn as mules, and both do enjoy adventure. Amy is a strong-willed character, as is Sonic. Plus, Amy is seen as quite a speedy character these days; she is a Speed type character after all, and is one of the few people who could possibly keep up with Sonic if he was going slower than usual.

Differences: Their natures... Amy is more of the type who wants to settle down, marry and have children. It's be a dream come true for her, but when it comes to Sonic, it's his worst nightmare. Sonic is a drifter. Plus, their views on romance are slightly different too.



Sonic CD:

  • Amy hugs Sonic at the end of Act 1 of Palmtree Panic if Sonic stands around near her long enough. Love hearts appear.
  • Sonic saves Amy from Metal Sonic.

Sonic Adventure:

  • While Amy is walking along the street with her groceries, she remembers the time when she and Sonic had adventures together before noticing her life has gotten dull since he left for a 'vacation'. Obviously Amy finds that life is more exciting when Sonic's around.
  • Amy comes across Sonic outside the casino and decides to tag along with him. Sonic seemed slightly nervous at her presence.
  • Outside Twinkle Park, Amy notes that 'cute couples get in free'. She soon goes in and he follows her. He then goes off looking for her when they get separated, even though he could have chosen to search for Tails instead.
  • Sonic finds Amy kidnapped by Zero, and is utterly helpless to save her, though he still tries.
  • After Amy defeats Zero, she vows to make Sonic respect her.

Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle):

  • Amy travels all the way to Prison Island just to save Sonic, regardless of how she might be useless considering the massive security there.
  • Amy teases and flirts with Sonic while Sonic is in the Prison cell, saying she'd tell him about Shadow if he married her, which he refuses to do. She ends up releasing him and telling him anyway, which is possibly a hint that she might have been teasing him.
  • When Amy is taken hostage by Eggman, Sonic gave up the emerald so Eggman could spare her life.
  • When Sonic was about to be shot into space, he told Amy to take care of herself and his voice was of true sincerity as he said it.
  • When Sonic is thinking about Shadow after his death in the last story, Amy is the one to ask if he's okay and says it with genuine concern.

Sonic Heroes:

  • Amy searches for Sonic and is obviously worried about him due to her voice when she asks herself, "I wonder where Sonic is." and the way she panicked when the newspaper clue flew out of her hand.
  • Amy flirts with Sonic when Team Sonic and Team Rose fight, though Sonic himself wasn't in the mood for it at the time.
  • Amy was disappointed when Sonic ran off along with Tails and Knuckles, possibly because she thought for one second that Sonic might not care about her.
  • Amy battles Eggman's Egg Albatross (with Cream and Big) to hopefully impress Sonic with her skills and bravery.
  • Amy blames Eggman (before she battles Egg Emperor) for her not being in a relationship with Sonic (most likely because she feels that without Eggman, Sonic wouldn't be trying to protect Amy by running from her).
  • As soon as Amy sees Sonic after the battle, she pursues him excitedly.
  • When Sonic says he'll battle Metal Sonic, Amy seems worried for his safety and mutters "Sonic, no..."
  • Amy straight away pursues Sonic along with Tails after he beats Metal, and Sonic doesn't exactly run away fast...

Sonic Battle:

  • Amy gets the wrong idea and assumes that Sonic got Emerl to practice for the family she assumes they would one day have together.
  • Sonic constantly runs away from Amy in stutters, and Amy would fondly assume that he's shy (which he gives off the impression that he either is shy, or Amy is being way too forward).
  • Amy went to heaven and earth to defend Emerl, to prove to Sonic that she was worth something to him and that she would be a good mother to the robot.

Sonic Riders:

  • Amy excitedly ran up to Sonic and told him she would also be participating in the EX World Grand Prix. Not only does she say it would be fun, she adds that she'd be able to keep her eye on him before winking in a flirty manner.
  • As the final race is about to begin, Amy excitedly congratulates Sonic for making it into the final and tells him she would be cheering him on. Sonic merely nodded at it, so it's possible that he might have appreciated it.
  • Seeing that Eggman had Amy prisoner, Sonic first hesitates to attack Eggman (though he eventually does).
  • Amy chases Sonic, enraged that he attacked Eggman knowing she was there. The silly little chase between the two hedgehogs goes on for a while until the genie makes it's appearance.

Sonic X:

  • Amy gets worried about Sonic when he battles Missilewrist and ends up hugging him after Sonic beats him (3).
  • Amy asks Sonic whether or not he'll go on a picnic with them and gets quite upset and offended when he turns her offer down (5).
  • Amy hugs Sonic when he saves her, stating that she knew he would come and save her and Sonic adopts a rather nervous look on his face (5).
  • Amy makes Sonic a lucky bracelet just for him, and he is very moved when she presents it to him (9).
  • Sonic saves Amy from drowning, even when he's completely aware that he cannot swim and he fears water above all other things (9).
  • Amy is desperate to save Sonic from the ghosts, even to the point where she faces them despite her fear of them (19).
  • Sonic is incredibly angry when the ghosts took Amy's body and ends up smashing the ghosts worse than he ever smashed Eggman, possibly due to the fact they used her feelings for him to release them (19).
  • Sonic flirts with Amy and calls her cute, and Amy, not realizing it's a trick, falls for it (20).
  • When Sonic is racing Sam, Amy roots for him and prays he wins. When Sonic does win, Amy glomps Sonic while Sonic is holding roses (21).
  • Amy blames herself for Sonic's loss of control over his feet (24).
  • Amy and Sonic spend the rest of the day laying in the hay. In the Japanese episodes, they're both giggling a lot (24).
  • When Amy gets kidnapped, Sonic is really worried about her amongst other things (28-29).
  • Within the cell Eggman put her in, Amy tells Lily that her thinking about one particular person could affect that person's thoughts. She then thinks about Sonic, and amazingly enough, Sonic hears her thoughts and cries for help within his mind (29, Japanese version only).
  • Amy flirts with Sonic and Sonic pays Amy lots of compliments when Amy breaks Sonic out of prison (35).
  • Sonic hands over the fake emerald in exchange for Amy's life and before he is blasted into space, he tells Amy that it's okay (he implies that everything will turn out alright) (37).
  • When Sonic never turns up for his and Amy's date, Amy is incredibly upset (42).
  • When Sonic and Amy face off against each other, neither one of them could fight each other, and Sonic ends up forfeiting when Eggman turns up, but not before saving Amy from being blown to bits (45).
  • Sonic presents Amy with a rose and tells her that he'll never leave her while Amy is in an almost endless crying flow (Dub), that he loves her (French), or it's muted out with romantic music (Jap) (52).
  • Sonic stares at Amy when he sees her entering the deck (54).
  • Amy saves Sonic's life when he gets captured by the Meterex (55).
  • When Amy and Knuckles are about to fight each other, Sonic jumps in to defend her by saying Knuckles will have to go through him to get to her to get to the emerald (56).
  • Amy is worried that the Meterex will capture Sonic, so she sets out to find him and warn him. When she finds him she smothers his cheek in kisses (58).
  • When Sonic returns to the ship, Sonic is looking directly at Amy when she tells him Cream and Cosmo were kidnapped (59).
  • Amy hugs Sonic and tells him it's great when they reunite (63).
  • Sonic is speechless when Amy arrives in her party dress while Amy does one of the things she does best and flirts with him (65).
  • Sonic tells Amy to get inside the ship, with what looks like fear for her safety (66).
  • Amy tries to get together with Sonic, and tries to have their future relationship predicted, which ends in failure (69).
  • Amy begs Sonic not to fight the Meterex after he saves her from her ship but he refuses, saying that the only way the universe would be the Meterex's would be if they got rid of him. The Meterex spouts water, and before Sonic is thrown into the mouth of the Meterex, he says "Just don't hurt Amy!" and throws her to safety (75).
  • Amy lands in the strange planet with Sonic and they seem to have an unbreakable bond revealed (76).

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Aah, my favourite Sonic couple of all time. First off, I got into this pairing when I started playing Sonic Heroes and I noticed Amy's 'wanting' to marry him. At first I didn't think they were compatable, Sonic is a drifter and Amy wants a permanent place. But now I like this couple beyond any other Sonic couple. Watching Sonic X was what really made me jump-start at this couple: The way he acts around her when they're alone is very different to how he acts around her when they have company. He is less evasive of her, so to speak. He was even moved to be given that bracelet made by Amy. So Sonic X is definitely a couple I support Sonic/Amy in.

 Also, if anyone ever read the Fleetway comics (Sonic the Comic, UK), you'd probably notice that Sonic and Amy seem close there too. Though Sonic was rude to her quite a lot at first, Amy developed an independant, mature character, and that's likely to attract to Sonic. They certainly did become better friends when Amy matured; I could see them marrying and treating it as no big deal.

 Finally, the games. I don't support it as much in the games because of Amy's development (in my eyes, the games haven't been nice to Amy) and the fact that Sonic treats Amy as a nuisence. But it is revealed, in the manual for Heroes, that Sonic cares for Amy, in what way is unknown. They were also referred to as a 'Lovely Couple' if you partner them in Sonic Advance 3.
 There are a few other things. Sonic is a carefree person who doesn't like to be stuck in one place. Amy wants to settle down with him and marry him; this makes them a very good match in some freaky way, because of the opposites-attract there. Anything could happen when they grow up; they might realize their actions are not good for one another and mature. Until then though, Amy shall continue to chase Sonic and Sonic shall run."


Mony the Echidna says: "Well... I still remember the day where I saw Amy On The Beach first time.. I love Sonic and Amy because in Sonic X, you can see that they are in love.. Sonic doesn't show it so much, and I think that's kinda cute.. Amy loves Sonic with all her heart and I do really adore that.. She will never give up.. ^.^ Well.. And we all know that Sonic loves Amy..  They are just meant to each other.. <3"


Amy Rose says: "People say what Sonic and Amy have is just pure puppy love,but that is not true. Even though Sonic claims Amy is an annoyance who gets in the way and slows him down, its fairly obivious thats not what he truly thinks, despite what he says. He has always cared for Amy and ever since they met they have been pretty close. Most people say they're different which I still don't think its true. Sonic and Amy are both carefree, loving, tough, helpful, and a bit immature at times. Its obvious Sonic and Amy love each other despite what Amy does and despite what Sonic says."


Flash says: "MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE PAIRING! Nothing can beat Sonamy. I support Sonamy because they are so cute together, there are a lot of Sonamy moments in Sonic X. And it's obvious Amy loves him so if Sonic loved her back... it would be great. And blue and pink go really well together. And as my friend said...they are referred as 'Lovely Couple' in Sonic Advance 3."


LonerWolf says: "Some people think that Amy is just a fangirl or has just a silly crush and that it isn't really love. I disagree here. Remember Sonic X, in the episode where Sonic gives her a rose, she was seriously crying over him. She worried about him and said that she would wait for him even if she became an old lady. And also in SA2B when Sonic was in that capsule and was about to be ejected into space, he said, "Take care of yourself" to Amy and Amy yet again cried when he was ejected into space. Also remember Sonic X (eleven I think) when Amy fell into the ocean and Sonic dove in after her? Some people think, 'Sure, he would do that for any of his friends.' But if he hated her, would he really be so quick to dive in and save her? So yeah, that's my opinion."


Iesha says: "Well, I loved this pairing since I first saw Sonic X. At first I wasn't really into romance yet because I was young then, but when I got older, I got interested in romance & Sonic. When I saw Episode 9 of the Sonic X series, I saw that Sonic really cared about Amy when he dove into the ocean to save her from drowning, even though he could not swim. Throughout out the series, you see that Sonic really likes Amy & vice versa. I hope that they make more Sonic X episodes & they will make an episode that show Sonic & Amy kissing . But this series tries to show that Sonic really likes/loves Amy, but he is too shy to tell her. I also love this pairing because Sonic & Amy will do anything to help their friends. Put those two together & you got the greatest couple in the galaxy. That is why I love this couple. Sonic/Amy Forever!!”


Sweet Freak says: “The fanbase has been going downhill on this couple lately, but no matter what the n00bs do, I'm not going to let them get to me. Sonamy is, and always will be, my favourite! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Though it would be nice if the n00bs stopped acting n00bish, because this couple is starting to lose a lot of supporters and it really is a good couple. They need to learn to stop bashing Sally and Blaze just because they are also potential love interests for Sonic. I saw Fleetway scans, they're so awesome together. Plus Amy's been developed, unlike how she is in the games. Tomboy Amy will suit Sonic very well, yes sirey! And in Sonic X... it's so obvious! There's hints at it everywhere! Plus they're both really stubborn and tough characters so that will work... when Sonic stops running from her and Amy grows up a bit.”


Metal says: "The only reason I support this couple is because it is the most likely couple that isn't already official and such. If it is made official, then I'll, regretfully, support it. I have one other reason, but I'm not sure if it helps any. I like Amy so much; I want her to have whatever she wants. She obviously wants Sonic, so I guess I want her to have Sonic too."


Speck the Rabbit says: "Life on Mobius would just be dull and boring if we did not have the heroine chasing the hero around. I reckon Sonic and Amy are a great couple, and I would not be surprised if they really did get together, sometime in the future. Sure, Sonic does find Amy a bit of a pest, but I think that just brings them closer. I'm sure that somewhere in Sonic's mind; he really does love Amy, but is too shy to show it. The hints in Sonic X are like the icing on the love cake. Sure, maybe they will settle down and have children, maybe Amy will find another love, but it's too early too tell."

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