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The magenta pink hedgehog? With who?

Reasons why people support this couple?

Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "I only support three Sonia couples: Bartleby/Sonia, Knuckles/Sonia and Shadow/Sonia. With Bartleby/Sonia, I like this couple as much as Knuckles/Sonia. They were engaged at one point though they broke off for unknown reasons. Though they've split up, there's still interaction between them. Sonia got jealous when Bartleby took another girl to the races and she always sticks up for him when her brothers gang up on him. They were both raised in higher cultures, and when Bartleby was accused of being Robotnik's enemy, Sonia visited him without telling anyone. They do really care about each other deep down and make a great couple in my eyes.
With Knuxonia... in a few episodes, it was obvious that Knuckles and Sonia fancied each other. When Knuckles disappeared in New Echidna in Town, Sonia got really upset, almost to the point of tears. Manic even claimed, after Knuckles had returned, that Sonia was ready to give up Mobius to rescue him. When Knuckles told Robotnik not to roboticize Sonic Underground, he paused on Sonia's name. Robotnik double-crossed him and went to roboticize Sonia first and that made Knuckles mad. At the end of the episode, she kissed him on the cheek and they held hands. This couple is sweet for though Sonia is a girl with the finer things in life, she is also tough and strong-willed, similar to Knuckles. They also look cute together.

And finally Shadow/Sonia. Another one I wasn't sure of, but just recently came around to support. I mean, in some ways it's a bit like Shadow/Amy, just with Sonia and not Amy. Sonia is quite a cheerful girl when she wants to be, yet she can also be grumpy when she wants to be. Plus, there's the fact that every guy who aren't Sonia's brothers fall for her. Shadow, however, might be a tougher nut to crack. Shadow will probably still mourn the loss of Maria, which is why he is so angsty. I can see Sonia feeling sorry for him and trying to help him out of the hardships as best she can. In some ways, she can relate to how he feels, as she lost Lady Windimere (the lady who brought Sonia up). So as she helps him, Shadow could eventually gain feelings towards Sonia. It'd be a bit difficult at first though, because of Shadow's likeness to Sonic, it might take a while for Sonia to admit to herself that she could possibly have feelings for Shadow. Sonia could help Shadow get out of his angsty nature a bit whereas Shadow could help Sonia and her brothers. I also suspect that her brothers might bully Shadow, especially Sonic at times (cos regardless of anything, Sonic and Shadow are still rivals), and Sonia could stick up for him. I dunno, but I plan on writing a fic about this one as well. Phew... probably the longest paragraph I've ever written."



Flash says: "Bartleby/Sonia: Don't know Bartleby but I know they were engaged, maybe it could've worked. Knuckles/Sonia: This couple is cute but I don't really know much about Sonia."

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