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The black hedgie and the bat girl



Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle):

  • In the last story, when Knuckles and Rouge were together, Knuckles asked what was next for Rouge. At that moment, Rouge looked at Shadow's bracelet and said she had something better than jewels on her mind. It could have been Shadow on her mind.
  • In the last story, Rouge was the first to ask where Shadow was, and actually sounded quite concerned. She appeared to be slightly upset about his 'death'.
  • Shadow saved Rouge's life from the bomb, when he could have escaped from the island and left her behind.
  • Rouge flirted with Shadow after he saved her life, though Shadow said he saved her for the Chaos Emeralds, not her, he could possibly have been in denial, since he remembered Maria's death when Rouge told him she was in trouble.

Sonic Heroes:

  • Shadow and Rouge got on well, as they were both in Team Dark. When Rouge declared them a team, she looked at Shadow with pleased look on her face.
  • Rouge was upset for Shadow upon spotting Shadow Androids. She decided not to tell him because she didn't want to hurt his feelings.
  • At the end of the game in Team Dark Rouge and Shadow started to talk about how things never changed (it seems like Shadow was referring to Rouge's thieving habits).

Sonic Battle:

  • When Rouge and Shadow were fighting robots, Rouge screamed out Shadow's name when he got hurt.
  • Rouge dragged Shadow back to Club Rouge. Even though she complained about it, she did it anyway. She also looked after him until he was well.
  • Rouge referred to Shadow as 'Prince Charming' when Shadow finally awoke.
  • Rouge was upset that Shadow never thanked her for saving her, so he ended up thanking her.

Sonic X

  • Shadow grabbed Rouge and she ended up (it looked like it) clinging onto him when they used Chaos Control in episode 64.
  • Rouge and Shadow looked out for each other before and after Molly's death.

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Now that the Shadow/Amy fandom has let me down, hope came in this couple. I honestly did not think I would like this one as much as I do now. I used to dislike Shadouge, due to the fact that I believed them to be more like brother and sister, plus I was very strongly pro-Knuxouge (still am, but to a lesser extent). But I changed my mind. They both work on nobody's side but their own, they care for each other, shown in Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes and SA2B. They're both dark-siders and they just look plain sexy together."


Flash says: "My favourite Shadow pairing. They care for each other so it could work."

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