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The black hedgie and the fiery cat

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as "Shadblaze" by the fans and haters alike. Occasionally it has been called "Shadlaze" though the name "Bladow" also comes to mind.


Age Gap: Seeing as Shadow is physically sixteen, the age gap there would look about two years. Mentally, that's a whole different story.


Seme/Uke: Both, once again, would take turns at being seme and uke. Both are tough types, though I think Shadow might be a tiny bit more dominative.


Similarities: The fact that they're both very quiet characters and fairly untrusting. They both are also quite serious and have their connections with emeralds (Blaze is guardian of the Sol Emeralds and Shadow can use the Chaos Emeralds). Also, they can both turn super and both poccess powers (Shadow has chaos powers and Blaze has fire powers).

Differences: Shadow probably would never lie his trust in anyone whereas Blaze might do once she has gotten to know someone.



  • None yet, but who knows if they may meet if Blaze returns in future games?

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "The first time I saw Blaze, I instantly noticed she had incredible likeness to a certain black hedgehog well-known to fans of Sonic. My all-time favourite pairing involving Blaze is without a doubt Shadow/Blaze. It’s actually become my third favourite Sonic pairing overall. Firstly, when I noticed Blaze’s ‘stance’ it looked similar to Shadow’s one from Sonic Battle. Since then, the idea of Shadow/Blaze fixed in my mind, but I never supported it until I found out about Blaze’s personality (I go by character’s personalities mostly). When I discovered more about her, I began to support Shadow/Blaze highly. Firstly, the colour combo is brilliant (purple and black is a great colour combination). Their personalities also slot perfectly together. They’re not too opposite yet not too similar. Thus, they wouldn’t get sick of each other, and they wouldn’t beat each other up for silly reasons. Blaze is definitely a shy character, whereas Shadow is quiet. Shadow may not be shy, but being quiet makes the fun come in: it would be hard for them to open up to each other when they do first meet, but they’d get to know each other in time. Also, they both are quite serious so that’s a bonus. They also both possess powers (Shadow possesses powers of Chaos, Blaze possesses powers of flames). Thus, I think they’d fit together better than any other Blaze or Shadow pairing when they do meet."


Flash says: "I don't know much about Blaze but from what I've heard about her, she and Shadow make a pretty good match."

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