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The black hedgie and the sweet mongoose

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as “Shadmina” or “Minadow”.


Age Gap: Physically they’d probably be around the same age.


Seme/Uke: Shadow would be more likely to dominate but it’s safe to say Mina might have her moments.


Similarities: Both of them know how it feels to have lost someone close to you. Shadow lost Maria, Mina lost her parents.

Differences: Mina is peppy, cheerful and sweet. Shadow is quiet, anti-social and filled with angst.


Why do people like this couple?


Swift says: "Opposites attract. I used to strongly support this one alongside Sonamy, Taiream, and Knuxouge, but I did lose some amount of interest in it. But I do support it and nothing can make me hate it. Mina is quite cheerful and we know Shadow's an angsty guy who isn't cheerful at all. There's also the fact that Mina lost her father and Shadow lost Maria, so they could relate to each other there. Also considering Mina's heartbreak with Sonic, if Ash didn't turn up, it'd have been nice for her to be paired with Shadow, because I think Shadow would see a bit of Maria in her, and it's always heart-warming to feel close to someone you once lost. In any case, they'd be good friends, maybe more."


Flash says: "Kind of opposites attract. Mina is sweet and cheerful and Shadow is kind of depressing and angered. Mina could cheer him up and Shadow could protect her."


Speck the Rabbit says: "I think this couple would be pure genius if they gave it a try. They both lost someone close to them, Mina losing her dad, and Shadow losing Maria, so they could act like one-another's carers. The opposites-attract rule come into play a lot here; Shadow being a stubborn, miserable grump, and Mina being a sweet, cheerful girl, Mina could make Shadow lighten up, and Shadow could protect her. I reckon they would go well together, despite the possible age difference, depending on physical age or mental age."

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