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The black and red hedgie and the pink hedgie

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as "Shadamy" by the couple's fans and haters alike.

Age Gap: Physically, there is a three-four year age gap. Mentally, the gap is a lot bigger.


Seme/Uke: It would probably be one of those relationships where they’d take turns, but Amy would probably be more dominant than Shadow in most cases.


Similarities: Both have egos admittedly, pretty big ones too.

Differences: Shadow is quiet, Amy is outgoing. He is filled with angst; she always looks on the bright side of things. She is very cheerful and Shadow… isn’t so much.


Sonic Adventure 2:

  • While Shadow was ready to plant bombs on Prison Island, he was suddenly jumped on and hugged by Amy Rose, who confused him for Sonic.
  • When the ARK was falling, Amy was the one who talked Shadow into saving the Earth, reminding him of what he truly promised to Maria. As he left, he said "I must keep my promise to Maria and you."

Sonic X:

  • The hug scene from SA2B reappeared in Sonic X's adaptation of the show. Amy hugged Shadow mistaking him for Sonic. She didn't run away from Shadow as quickly as she did in the games.

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "To be honest, my interest in this couple has rapidly decreased but I won't explain why here. I still like it a little bit but not as much as I used to. True, it was silly that the first thing that caused this couple to stir its fans was a mistaken identity. But it was a very cute moment when Amy glomped Shadow thinking he was Sonic, hugging him... Anyway, in SA2B Amy was the one to remind Shadow of Maria's true promise. In some senses, Amy reminds Shadow of Maria, and it's heart-warming to find that someone that resembles someone you loved and lost. Also, seeing how broken Shadow can be, a nice, cheerful girl like Amy could be just what the lil black hedgie needs to brighten up his life and move on."


Flash says: "It was cute when Amy thought Shadow was Sonic and hugged him. He is very similar to Sonic so if Sonic doesn't want Amy, she'd have Shadow."


Metal says: "I just like pairing up Amy with Sonic's rivals. This one is special. He's similar to Sonic enough for her to learn to like him. She could see how much better Shadow is than Sonic, so it wouldn't be long before this may actually happen. Plus, Shadow would get too annoyed having to protect someone all the time, but Amy is strong enough to take care of herself."

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