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The Armadillo with which girl?



Why do people like these couples?


LonerWolf says: "Okay, I bet there are a couple of people that think this is a filler couple for TailsXCosmo. For me, it isn't. The idea started when I first pictured them together. Sure, they look kinda cute, but I decided that I needed to find more out about Mighty first. So I found a site that had some information and realized that they could fit. I read in more than one place that Mighty likes peace and dislikes violence. So does Cosmo. This is a reason that they could get along. I also found out that Mighty is really really strong, meaning that in a situation where fighting was the only escape, they wouldn't be totally helpless. If I can find out more about Mighty, I could probably add more to this."



Why do people like these couples?

Swift says: "I only support two Mighty pairings. I don't really know much about Mighty, but from what I've read of his personality, he appears to be a peaceful, anti-violence type of guy. So this pairing is going to sound random, but I support Mighty/Tikal. I really wanted to bring Mighty into my War of Hearts fic, but struggled to see how I was going to use him. Tikal was going to appear in it, and I originally planned to pair her up with Chaos. However, I started a survey online about Sonic couples randomly, and read that someone supported Mighty/Tikal. Since then, Mighty/Tikal glued in my mind, and hard as I tried not to pair them up when plans were that it was going to be Chaos/Tikal, I did only a few days later, changing one of the pairings in the fic from Chaos/Tikal to Mighty/Tikal. I suppose you're wondering why now? Hehe...  Mighty and Tikal are both peaceful and anti-violence characters. One of those 'similarity' pairings I like. Plus, Mighty could protect Tikal from danger..."

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