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Which girls would be best for Manic?

Reasons why people like these couples

Swift says: I like Manic with a few people. Manic/Amy is probably the cutest. Amy is a cheerful girl who would probably come to love Manic seeing as he's Sonic's brother. Manic would care for Amy and come to love her, and he's protect her through thick and thin. Manic/Rouge is a great one because Manic and Rouge have a lot in common. They're great at their professions, they're both thieves in some sense and they'd be so cute together! ^_^ Manic/Sally... I know people would probably say I'm weird for saying it but they'd be a cute couple. They'd watch each others backs and there probably will be a little opposite attracts as sometimes Manic doesn't take things seriously whereas Sally does. Besides, I do like opposites attract couples and I can see these two together, whether or not no one else can. Whenever I think of someone to pair with Manic, Sally's always the first to come to mind and I nearly always use her.


Flash says: "Sonic wasn't interested so why not go for his brother? Sally asked Manic out in one of CJ's fics, I think it would be quite funny, so yeah, Manic/Sally. Manic and Rouge also have a lot in common and they'd be good together too."

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