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The red echidna and the bat girl

Names for the Couple: Mainly referred to as “Knuxouge”, “KnuxRouge” or “Rouckles”.


Age Gap: Rouge is a year older than Knuckles.


Seme/Uke: They’re probably one of those dominance warring pairings where they’ll both have to learn to take turns.


Similarities: Both of them are quite dedicated to their duties, and are both treasure hunters, as well as hard-headed, stubborn characters.

Differences: Knuckles is stiff and serious, whereas Rouge isn’t all that serious at all. She probably strives for fun but Knuckles seems to prefer guarding the Master Emerald.


Why do people like this couple?


Swift says: "This coupling is one of my faves, next to Sonic/Amy and Tails/Cosmo. Knuckles and Rouge are almost opposites, yet in some ways are similar. They both are treasure hunters, both skilled in what they do and both dedicated to their work, Knuckles more so than Rouge. It is obvious Knuckles and Rouge fancy each other. In SA2B, though they argued a lot, there was one tender moment when Knuckles saved her life and they briefly stared into each other's eyes... And in Sonic X, Rouge tended to flirt with Knuckles a lot, which makes Knuckles blush cutely. Rouge makes it clear she thinks he's cute, partly to annoy him and embarrass him but also to get him to admit he likes her. And in episode 52, there was a cute moment where after they fought each other over something ridiculous, Rouge jumped on Knuckles and tickled him. There is a lot of love and hate between these two, but it makes them cute together. "


Mony the Echidna says: "Well... I really think that they are great together... They are SO funny together and it's funny when they are fighting... But still I think that they are in love... I like that idea about the Love-Hate relationships... and it's cute when Knuckles is blushing around Rouge... And I think it's because he likes her... ^-^ and it's clear that Rouge likes him too... "


Amy Rose: "This one is just too cute. They're both stubborn and they both want different things. Knuckles wants to protect the Chaos Emeralds and Rouge wants to steal them. They've both been in pretty tough fights versing one another, but that’s pretty much for either the Emeralds (or respect). Sure, I can't really imagine them holding hands and walking into the sunset, but hey, no couple is perfect. They rock."


Lady Iselia says: "Well...Both treasure hunters, Opposites and...Seems Rouge wants add to dear Knux to her collection... XD They both have feelings for each other... Ain't it obvious?"


Flash says: "I quite like this couple, my third fave. This is mainly because they are both similar and different. They do flirt and do genuinely have a soft spot for each other. They are both stubborn and are both interested in gems and emeralds. Knuckles does save Rouge at some point, proving he does care. Also Knuckles seems shy round Rouge and seems to blush a lot so he definitely likes her."


LonerWolf says: "This is one dislike-love relationship that I really love. When Rouge fell off that beam above the lava, you did see that after he pulled her up, their faces started coming closer and closer...heh heh. And he claims to have only saved her because of the Master Emerald pieces she had, but I think he has a different excuse. (*hint* *hint* *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*)."


Iesha says: "One word "Funny" This couple is hilarious. Their relationship is opposites attract. In Sonic X you could see that is some episodes, those two like to flirt at each other & that cute moment in episode 52 was so cute & funny. Put those two together & you got the funniest couple in the galaxy. That is why I love KnucklesxRouge."


Speck the Rabbit says: "It's likely to say this is one of the funniest couples around. Rouge, being a jewel thief and jewel hunter, and Knuckles protecting the ultimate jewel (if you think about it, the Master Emerald is kinda like a large jewel) could assure us some humour. There are several hints in Sonic X on their relationship, they work together more, and let's not forget, what I like to call, the shout and hit competition..."

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