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The red echidna and the plant girl

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "A strange opposites-attract one that I've come to support again. I discovered this couple when I found screenshots for the new series of Sonic X before it had even been released in the US or the UK. I actually thought Knuckles and Cosmo would end up together, Shadow would go with Rouge, Sonic would be with Amy (at least sort of) and Tails would be single. I do support Tails/Cosmo more than Knuckles/Cosmo but I can't forget this couple. I mean, at the beginning Knuckles didn't trust Cosmo, and he came to trust her really quickly. Bit suspicious that... Plus, there was quite a lot of interaction, especially in episode 56, when Knuckles saved her life. When the others made Knuckles feel terrible for believing Eggman, Cosmo made him feel better. Then she held his hands at the end of the episode and they stared into each other's eyes (it was never meant to be anything romantic though). Plus, there's the fact that Knuckles is a tough guy with a short-temper who would be hard-headed to admit feelings for any girl, yet Cosmo is a sweet, innocent caring soul who strives to see the best in everyone. I think that they'd have benefits on each other; Cosmo could handle any temper Knuckles gets and get him to lighten up, whereas Knuckles could protect Cosmo, and help her become stronger in herself, not only physically, but mentally."


Flash says: "A strange one. I can see Tails and Knuckles arguing over Cosmo. They could help each other, Cosmo could help Knuckles with his temper and teach him to not be gullible and Knuckles could protect Cosmo so a relationship could work."

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