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The red echidna and the pink hedgehog

Why do people support this couple?


Swift says: "Knuckles/Amy was one I never used to like at all. I believed he'd kill her if she ever declared love to him or followed him around. But an online friend changed my mind and I ended up making a forum for Knuxamy! So why do I like it now? Well, we have Knuckles, who's tough and could protect Amy when she needs it. Amy seems the type who's sweet enough to help keep his temper under control with not much effort, plus in SX (see episode 54), she can also keep him in line with a little persuasion involving her hammer... anyway, Knuckles is tough, Amy is sweet, they somewhat balance each other out. Plus, they both have short-tempers on them, which would be funny to watch if they both exploded."


Flash says: "Hmm... I hadn't really thought of this pair... Well Knuckles is tough and could protect Amy from anyone. They both have a temper so they do have a bit in common, plus she can also keep him in line with her hammer. An argument between them would be funny, I do support this couple although I prefer Amy/Sonic."

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