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Emerl with which Sonic girl?

Names for the Couple: “Emream” could be a possible name, or “Cremerl”.


Age Gap: Since Emerl is a robot, there technically is no age gap.


Seme/Uke: Emerl would probably be more dominative, and Cream being the sweet type would let him. Though Emerl might also be nice enough to let her have turns.


Similarities: They’re both fairly gentle natured at times, and do appreciate life.

Differences: The fact that Emerl isn’t exactly totally living and Cream is. Plus Emerl is a fighter, and Cream doesn’t like fighting.

Reasons why people like these couples

Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "My most strongly supported Emerl/??? pairing would have to be Emerl/Cream *shot* because Cream and Emerl were obviously very close, in both Sonic Battle and in Sonic X (more so in Sonic X though). In Sonic Battle, Cream taught Emerl that fighting was a very cruel thing, not playing at all, and he took that into account, he stopped fighting and allowed Gamma to beat him up because the fighting was hurting Cream's feelings! They stick up for each other, and Emerl seems very protective over Cream. Plus, he was brought back and rebuilt (as G-mel) and went on to live with Cream after that. In Sonic X, it was Cream that destroyed him, and taught the robot emotion. Much like the Amy/Gamma friendship, this also makes me like the Emerl/Cream friendship. She cried for him when he died too."

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