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The evil scientist and the spoilt brat

Names for the Couple: “Eggera” or “Serabotnik” comes to mind.


Age Gap: Unknown, as neither Robotnik nor Sera’s official ages have been revealed.


Seme/Uke: Sera would probably whine if she wasn’t dominant once in a while so they might take turns.

Similarities: Both are rather materialistic and selfish. Whatever they want, they must have. Plus they can both be a little bossy at times.

Differences: Not much, other than Sera can be girly at times and happens to like Sonic. Robotnik just wants to kill Sonic.






     Robotnik plays video games with Sera, to which she always lost.

     Robotnik apologizes to Sera for hurting her when he ties her up.

     Robotnik gives Sera a wedding dress and tells her that once Planet Freedom is wiped out, they would marry.

     When Sera orders Robotnik to go after Sonic, he does so without the slightest hesitation.


Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: "Well, its major cute, whether no one agrees with me or not. I believe that the picture I saw of Sera, Eggman and the little babies was funny. Plus, Eggman could give Sera so much more than Sonic could. Plus, Sonic can do so much better than spoilt brats like Sera (you know its true) and Eggman would see to her every need. Sera is the only girl I can think of who would be stupid enough to marry Eggman. Plus, he fancies her anyway."


Metal says: "The art at DeviantART is the only reason I need."

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