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Who do you support Chris with?


Names for the Couple: “Chramy” or “Amris” comes to mind, though as this pairing isn’t that popular, not a lot of people would have names for it.


Age Gap: No years. Both Amy and Chris are twelve in season 1 and 2. However, if you go by season 3, then the age gap is six years, Chris being older.


Seme/Uke: Amy would probably be more dominant than Chris.

Similarities: Both Chris and Amy have ties with Sonic; Chris being one of Sonic’s best friends and Amy being a potential girlfriend. Both of them also have the tendency to act selfishly at times. There are times when they both rush into situations without thinking.

Differences: Chris tends to be quite calm and level-headed, whereas Amy is a total hot-head with a very short temper.




Sonic X:

     In episode 42, Amy was convinced Chris was covering for Sonic. After it was discovered he wasn’t, Chris offered help. While Chris believed Amy was overreacting about Sonic missing her date, Amy was very upset.

     In episode 19, when Amy was possessed by the ghosts, Chris seemed worried about Amy. Shortly before it was revealed she was possessed he was worried that she might have died.

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: I do 'kind of' support Chris/Amy as well. I didn't think I ever would but then I had a really weird thought hit me. Chris is a very close friend to Sonic, and as we all know, Amy adores Sonic. Their ties with Sonic can help the two become closer, and possibly learn to understand him better. Also, there hasn't been any real moments in Sonic X where Amy was mad at Chris. She gets on with him well enough. There's also the feeling of being lonely. I've always imagined Amy to be the type to fear being alone (probably part of the reason why she pursues Sonic), and we know for a fact that Chris fears of being alone. I mean, they could always turn to each other if Sonic lets them both down on something (even though Sonic is too caring to do that). Plus, if you look at Sonic X, Chris and Amy are the top two love interests for Sonic (in Sonic X only, mind).



Names for the Couple: “Chrosmo” and “Cosris” comes to mind.


Age Gap: Seeing as Cosmo and Chris were only familiar with each other in season 3, the age gap is mentally about ten years. Physically, it’s only four years.


Seme/Uke: Both would be dominant.


Similarities: Chris and Cosmo both have the tendency to rush into things without thinking and can get a little reckless at times. Both are very kind and gentle people. Both are fairly determined and strong-willed.

Differences: None that I can think of… yet.



  • In episode 67, when Cosmo was taken prisoner by Black Narcissus, Chris told Cosmo she reminded him of himself when he was younger. He tried to rescue Cosmo, but ended up failing.

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: I've heard a lot about Chris/Cosmo, and being a huge Cosmo fan I looked into it. It actually seemed like a good couple. Sure I support other couples like Tails/Cosmo more, but Chris/Cosmo doesn't seem that bad. Both are 'Sonic X only' characters in some sense, and both are quite unpopular from what I've seen *cries*. They're very misunderstood. Chris is seen as selfish, whiny and clingy (If he was selfish, he would never have let Sonic return to his world in the end, if he was clingy, he'd be constantly hanging onto someone, and he only hugs Sonic from time to time) and Cosmo is seen as a Mary-Sue (if she was a Mary-Sue she wouldn't be able to save the universe at the right time). Plus, they both have quite sweet personalities. Then there's the fact that Cosmo lost her family and Chris never really gets to spend much time with his. Both are quite lonely in that sense. Only problem would be the current difference in age (Chris is eighteen now) but using his 12 year old self, they'd be a good couple when they're older.”


Names for the Couple: “Chream” and “Creis” comes to mind.


Age Gap: Six years if you’re using the younger Chris. If you’re using the older one, the age gap is twelve years.


Seme/Uke: Both would probably be dominant.


Similarities: Both are fairly gentle and kind, as well as determined and willing to do anything to help their friends.

Differences: Chris can get reckless at times, whereas Cream tends not to.



  • In episode 7, Cream was upset about being separated from her mother. When Chris goes on about his mother, Cream loses her temper with him and yells at him in front of everyone. Later on, Chris worries that he may have lost Cream’s friendship for good, but is proved wrong when Cream gives him a flower crown.

Why do people support these couples?


None as of yet.



Names for the Couple: “Chrancis” or Franris” comes to mind.


Age Gap: They’re the same age no matter what version of Chris you use.


Seme/Uke: Both, though Francis might be a little more dominant.


Similarities: Both grew up together as kids and had Sonic affect their lives.

Differences: Not much can be thought of at the moment.



Sonic X:

     Chris and Francis have a lot of interaction throughout the first two seasons of Sonic X.

Why do people support these couples?

No reasons yet added.


Names for the Couple: “Chrelen” or Helris” comes to mind.


Age Gap: None, they’re the same age.


Seme/Uke: Chris most likely, though they might take turns.


Similarities: Chris and Helen both had Sonic affect their lives and grew up together. Plus they’re both very kind people.

Differences: Helen doesn’t appear to be the reckless sort.



  • They had a lot of interaction throughout season 1 and 2.
  • When Chris was sure Helen would laugh or not like the idea of Sonic’s shoe designs, she proved him wrong by saying they were really good.
  • Helen admits to missing Chris when he’s on the Blue Typhoon in episode 69.
  • Chris admits he has someone special back on Earth. He is referring to Helen.

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: Well, Chris/Helen is a top couple with me. We have Chris, a young boy, quite lonely and looking for people to be with and Helen, disabled with a kind personality. I think they suit so well. They're friends in Sonic X, look out for each other and they get on fairly well as youngsters. When they're older, in Sonic X Season 3 there are a few hints at them being more than friends. There is also the fact that they might be married. And if anything, it's probably a high chance that Chris thought of Helen more than anyone else from his world while he was venturing in space with Sonic and co.”


Flash says: "Only Chris couple for me is Chris/Helen. Both kind and looking for love, they could even get married."


Names for the Couple: “Chrouge” or “Rouris” comes to mind.


Age Gap: If you’re using the younger Chris, the gap is about five years. If you’re using the older Chris, the gap is just a year.


Seme/Uke: Rouge would most definitely be dominant over Chris most of the time.


Similarities: They both have the tendency to act recklessly and such. Plus they both have had their moments of selfishness.

Differences: Rouge can be cunning, calculating and manipulative whereas Chris is kind, gentle and cares about his friends. Rouge likes to do things if it benefits her whereas Chris likes to help his friends even if it doesn’t benefit him.



  • Rouge saved Chris from the Egg Fort. However, she only did so because he had six of the Chaos Emeralds.
  • When Shadow attempted to hurt/kill Chris in episode 64, Rouge rescued him. However, she dropped him not long after.

Why do people support these couples?


No reasons added yet.

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