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The guardian of the chao and the princess of the echidna tribe

Names for the Couple: Most people tend to refer to this couple as “Tikaos”.


Age Gap: Chaos doesn’t seem to have an age so there technically is no age gap.


Seme/Uke: Chaos would probably be more dominant over the peaceful and gentle Tikal. Though he might let her be dominant once in a while.


Similarities: Both of them love chao, for starters and are generally peaceful (when Chaos hasn’t been filled with evil). Both seem to look out for each other, and have ties with the Master Emerald.

Differences: Other than their species, not very much except that
Tikal cannot harness the Emeralds in the same way that Chaos can.




Sonic Adventure:


          Tikal shows a lot of worry towards Chaos.

          She shows absolutely little to no fear towards Chaos, who would be considered a monster to other people.


Archie Sonic the Hedgehog


          Generally the same as Sonic Adventure.


If there are any others, please state what issue/episode and what happened.


Reasons why people support this couple?


Swift says: "OK, I like this. Chaos, on first sight, would often be confused as a monster, with no feelings and is just there for the sake of it, or to guard the emeralds from trespassers. But Chaos isn't like that really. And Tikal is probably the only one who can see Chaos' real side. The caring, sweet side that loves chao. Tikal also loves chao, that's something they have in common. Plus, in Sonic Adventure DX, she seemed pretty concerned about him."

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