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Who do you support the robot-hedgehog with?

~Robotnik Jnr/Breezie~


Names for the Couple: Most likely called “Robotnik JnrxBreezie”. Not many people have a name for this one.


Age Gap: No age gap, they’re both robots.


Seme/Uke: They’d take turns most likely. Robotnik Jnr is a bit of a softy when it comes to Breezie, and she’s tough, so she might dominate more often. But she might be nice enough to let Jnr dominate every now and then.


Similarities: Both are robots, and creations of Robotnik himself. In a sense, they were the only two that managed to turn against him permanently, as well as both having friendships with Sonic, their creator’s worst enemy!

Differences: Robotnik Jnr is a bit soft and clumsy, whereas Breezie is tougher, and more of a flirt.




          When Jnr first laid eyes on Breezie, he fell for her. They were both taken prisoner by Scratch and Grounder and Jnr tried to get them both out.

          Jnr showed hints of jealousy when Breezie began flirting with Sonic, even going as far as to kiss him! He then revealed to Tails that he wanted to impress her!

          Tails pretends to be in danger, and Jnr went to pretend to save him in order to impress Breezie, but Sonic got there first, not knowing it was fake. To make matters worse, Jnr put himself in real danger.

          Breezie puts Jnr down harshly. When he presents her with flowers, she told him that only Sonic would go to such lengths to bring them back to her.

          Jnr tries to stop Robotnik’s plans, but ends up falling into the river. Breezie finally realizes her feelings for him and saves him, before telling Sonic she was in love with Jnr.


Why do people like this couple?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "She was paired up with him in the end, and it's obvious they got the hots for each other.”



Names for the Couple: How about “Sonzie”? Or “Breenic”?


Age Gap: As Breezie’s a robot, there is no age gap.


Seme/Uke: They’d take turns. Breezie and Sonic are both tough in that sense.


Similarities: They’re both hedgehogs, regardless of the fact that Breezie is a robotic hedgehog. Both of them also hate Robotnik.

Differences: The fact that Breezie was a creation of Sonic’s worst enemy is a big difference. Plus, Breezie seems to be very flirty, whereas Sonic is just very love struck.


          Sonic saves Breezie from Scratch and Grounder, and instantly falls for her. When Breezie compliments him on his heroism, hearts appear in Sonic’s eyes.

          Sonic went all the way over Mobius just to bring her a chilli dog and flowers, putting himself at great risk each time.

          When Sonic is put in danger, Breezie finds herself turning disloyal to Robotnik and saves the blue hedgehog that she also fell for.

          Breezie flirts with Sonic, even going as far as to kiss him, when he saves her and Robotnik Jnr from Scratch and Grounder.


Why do people like this couple?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: “Breezie was Sonic's first love. And it was cute how he'd run halfway over Mobius just to get her a chilidog. She abandoned Robotnik because she had some feelings for Sonic.”

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