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Which official character would Bokkun go with?



Names for the Couple: "Bokream" or "Creakkun" comes to mind. Though most people call it BokkunxCream.


Age Gap: Bokkun is a robot, so there really is no age gap.


Seme/Uke: Both equally, as they’re both young. Bokkun might try and impress Cream by letting her dominate, yet Bokkun is also quite childish and might dominate Cream at other times.


Similarities: Bokkun and Cream both have child innocence, though are different in personality.

Differences: Bokkun likes to leave bombs to other people and blow them up. Causing trouble is his gimmick, it’s something he enjoys. Cream, on the other hand, is kind and gentle, and hurting someone is something she’s totally against.



  • Rouge reveals a love-heart shaped locket and uses it to get Bokkun to do her bidding. In return, Rouge would not tell anyone of the girl inside the locket who Bokkun had a crush on. In episode 78, it is revealed that the girl in the locket was Cream, meaning that it was she who Bokkun had a crush on all along.

Why do people support these couples?


Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "I support Bokkun with Cream a little bit. In season 3 of Sonic X, let's just say he had a crush on her and Rouge knew about it, so she blackmails him. Poor little Bokkun... I think Cream could bring out his nicer side and stop him from delivering bombs to people so much."


Metal says: "It's so funny how he fell for her, but she hates/is afraid of him. I think once everyone found out about his true feelings, Amy would explain how guys do silly things to show a girl that he loves her. Cream would be uneasy, but in time they could become friends. Then, in the future, they could fall in love. She could stop him from being evil, and plus, they look so cute together! Opposites attract! Plus, they're the exact same age! Sonic X sure knows how to make good couples."

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