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The purple cat from Sonic Rush? Who could she be with?



Names for the Couple: “Bigamy” comes to mind, though most people might assume that somebody has married two women. Nevertheless, it is a possible name. “Bigmy” might be a name.


Age Gap: Six years, Big being older.


Seme/Uke: Both, though Amy seems slightly more dominant.


Similarities: Big and Amy both seem like kind people, and care about each other. Both are members of Team Rose.

Differences: Big seems to like the quiet life, whereas Amy seems to like adventure (proof is at the beginning of Sonic Adventure). Plus, there’s their species. Amy also has the tendency to get violent if her buttons are pressed the wrong way. She can be hot-headed at times, whereas Big is fairly calm and level-headed.




Sonic Adventure:


          They met when they both presented Chaos Emeralds to Sonic. However, they did not interact with each other.


Sonic Heroes:


          Amy and Big are both members of Team Rose. Thus they had numerous amounts of interactions.

Sonic X:


          In episode 31, Amy collapsed. She and Lily (the bird) was searching for Lily’s siblings and failing. Soon, a frog came out of nowhere and spoke to Amy. Soon, Amy discovered it hadn’t been the frog (Froggy) speaking, it had been Big. After introducing themselves, Big pointed out the Egg Carrier, thus helping Amy and Lily in their quest.

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: "I like Big/Amy because they know each other fairly well; they're both in the same team in Sonic Heroes. Plus Amy takes her time with Big and they have an understanding and respect for each other. There is an age gap but the age old ‘when they are older’ excuse flies with me and other people. Plus, Big and Amy are both misunderstood (Amy is seen as an obnoxious stalker, when she merely pursues the affections of the man/boy she crushes on, whereas Big is seen as a brainless idiot, when he in fact has an average sized brain). "


SamCyberCat says: "Recently the Sonic/Amy fanbase has let that couple down for me. But from the ashes of something I once held dear raised another couple I'd not considered I'd like so much. Sure, I'd always been a fan of Big/Amy ever since I'd first heard of it but I didn't think I'd like it to the point that I do now. Although a lot of people think any pairing involving Big is gross I happen to think these two look very good together, their designs and colour schemes go well together. But most importantly their personalities could fit. We already know they have a good friendship from Sonic Heroes, Big enjoys Amy's company and contray to what some may think Amy doesn't find Big annoying at all. She spend a lot of her time chasing Sonic but maybe one day she'll stop and think (Going from a Sonic Heroes basis), "This cat's been following me a long time. He cares for me and looks after me, maybe he likes me in a way that passes friendship." But then again that could be wishful thinking because Amy may never stop chasing. Then again even if she doesn't notice Big while she's chasing she may need to rest, perhaps at Big's place. She could see how Big's laid back life is a big contrast to that of Sonic's and perhaps she'd see that Big would be much better at settling down in the family life. Since it's not much of a change from what he does anyway. And besides that maybe she could help him come out of the jungle and into the real world. Showing him the modern life isn't that bad. You've got to admit, Big possible has had more interaction with Amy then any other female character. And Amy isn't shallow so she wouldn't judge him by his appearance."




Names for the Couple: “Bilaze” is one of the first names that comes to mind for this couple, or “Blazig”. Either way, they both are to refer to this couple.


Age Gap: Four years, Big being older.


Seme/Uke: Both, though Blaze would probably be more dominant than Big.


Similarities: Big and Blaze are both cats for a start, and both seem to like a quiet life, even if Blaze doesn’t really get much of one. Blaze can be level-headed at times when she’s concealing her feelings, and Big is normally level-headed.

Differences: Blaze can be level-headed when concealing her feelings, but when her feelings come out she can be a bit of a hot-head. Big, on the other hand, is always level-headed in any situation. Plus, Big doesn’t have any “special” powers, whereas Blaze holds the power of flames.



  • Blaze and Big have not met yet, so there is no hints.

Why do people support these couples?


Iesha says: "For me I LOVE BIG/BLAZE!!! That because they are purples and cats. Also Big can help Blaze calm down when she is stressed & Blaze can help Big get stronger too. Also they are both lonely and they can keep each other company and they can make fried fish by using their powers too. Also Two Cute Purple Cats are so cute."


Metal says: "I thought up this couple on my own and it kind of spread when I said it. I really love this couple because they fit together so well. He is cool and devoted to resting easy, unless troubles arise. She only moves when her emeralds are swiped. The Sol Emeralds don't get stolen often enough for Big to get annoyed having to chase them down. They can take it easy until the emeralds are stolen. Then they'll have a little adventure together, but then they'll go back to their normal life. She's got fire powers, right? Well that means that a big weakness of hers is water. Should she ever get into some aquatic danger, he can pull her out. I mean, that's how he passes time, pulling things out of the water. She's a hot-head, so she would need someone to cool down with. Big is calm and level-headed. Also, this couple works in either dimension; Sonic's world or Blaze's world. If they go to Sonic's world, Blaze could get away from all those people who didn't like her in hers. If they go to Blaze's world, Big would fit in fine in Blaze's world; he's a purple cat too! Plus, she'd always have a friend."



Names for the Couple: “Biream” would probably come to mind when you think of this couple. Or even “Creig”.


Age Gap: Twelve years, Big being older.


Seme/Uke: Both, though Cream seems a little tougher than Big so she might be more dominant.


Similarities: Big and Cream both are kind, caring people who look out for each other. Both don’t like fighting that much. Also Cream seems to share a similar relationship with Cheese as Big shares with Froggy.

Differences: Other than their species, not much difference is noted except that Cream is probably deemed tougher and possibly smarter than Big.




Sonic Heroes:

          Cream and Big are both members of Team Rose. Thus they had numerous amounts of interactions.

Sonic X:

          Cream and Chris were walking down the street when suddenly a frog knocked Cheese out of the air and hopped off. Soon a huge cat appeared and nearly squished Cream, Chris and Cheese. Later on, after introductions, Big tried to tell Cream and Chris about Froggy and the Chaos Emerald.


Why do people support these couples?

No reasons yet added.



Names for the Couple: “BigRouge” is what this one is normally referred to. Though “Biouge” comes to mind too.


Age Gap: One year, Big being older.


Seme/Uke: Rouge definitely seems more of a dominant figure than Big, though who knows? He might surprise us. Though I’d have to say Rouge would most likely be seme.


Similarities: Big and Rouge both care about their friends (no matter how cold Rouge seems). Not many similarities between them though.

Differences: Not only are their species different, but Rouge seems colder than Big, whereas the male cat we know and love is sugar and spice and all things nice. Rouge seems to be fierce, a quick thinker and can be quite cunning. Big is slow, and very kind to all, as well as fairly unselfish.



  • They did meet in Sonic Heroes, but there was no interaction between them.

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: “I never thought of this one until I saw a story on ff.net about it and I've supported it ever since. Big/Rouge is an interesting couple. Big is slow, relaxed and tranquil while Rouge isn't so much. Plus, Rouge seems like the type of girl only viewed as a trophy by men. Big being the sweet person he is, would probably valued Rouge not as a trophy but as the person she is. He would actually see the person she is deep down instead of judging by her outer appearance. That could get her attached to him without her realizing it. It's an interesting opposite attracts couple, where Big could help Rouge relax and/or Rouge could help Big live.”

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