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The green duck from Sonic the Fighters? With who?

Names for the Couple: None yet, this pairing isn’t all that popular. But “Beamy” comes to mind when I try to think of a name for it.


Age Gap: Bean’s about fifteen, Amy’s twelve, so their age gap is about three years. But considering the time when Amy met Bean, if you use classic Amy, then the age gap will be about five or seven years.


Seme/Uke: Once again, a pairing where I think both take turns. Bean and Amy are both similar I think, so I’m guessing they’re both likely to object when the other wants to be dominant. But Bean’s probably likely to be slightly more dominant than Amy.


Similarities: Bean’s personality is unknown, but one thing that is certain is that they both probably use their weapons against the source of their anger (when they’re angry).

Differences: Seeing as Bean’s personality is unknown, the only difference that can be thought of is their species.


Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: "Seeing as I mentioned Bark/Bean in another paragraph section, I’ll go into the other Bean/??? Pairing I support… Bean/Amy! Randomness alert! This is probably the most random pairing in existence, I believe, though there are pretty random ones. Bean and Amy have only really met once (Sonic the Fighters) and considering Bean’s personality are unknown (to me at any rate), I have him down in my fics as a cool, wild, cheerful person with a bit of a short temper. Considering Amy has a short temper, they have one thing in common there; I imagine it would be hilarious if they both lost their tempers at the same time. Plus, when Amy gets really mad, she introduces the source of her anger to her hammer at times. I imagine that with Bean too: using his bombs when he’s REALLY mad! Amy is quite a cheerful girl, and I see Bean as a generally cheerful character. So they both won’t be negative much, and even when they are, they’ll cheer each other up. Also, Bean’s cool, laidback attitude to life (in my fics) could remind Amy of Sonic somehow, as Sonic is generally laidback when it comes to life. Also, seeing as Bean’s a bit on the wild side (in my fics), Amy could pull him back when he goes too far, and bring him back to reality. He could do the same for her in some sense, when she loses herself in fantasy. I also see Bean as quite a big-mouthed person with a bit of an ego on him (he’s like that in my fics), so in that sense, Amy could deflate his ego a bit and probably train him to be better."


Flash says: "Interesting. Bean's a happy-go-lucky, and wild personality (in my friend's fics), sounds like a male Amy to me. They would go well together."

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