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The two mongeese together

Names for the Couple: Most likely called “AshMina”. Not a lot of names were found for this one.


Age Gap: Ash’s age is unknown to me, but I’m guessing he’s older than Mina, considering he’s her manager. Probably two-three years age difference then.


Seme/Uke: They’d take turns most likely. Not really sure, but they both seem similar.


Similarities: They both seem to like music, and they both work together in Mina’s career. Plus, they both seem to love each other a lot, and they both are mongooses.

Differences: While they both like music, they have different styles. Mina is more of a pop girl, while Ash likes rock. Plus, Ash seems moody and such whereas Mina’s cheerful and happy a lot.





  • Ash is introduced to a startled Sonic. Not only is he her manager, Ash also makes it clear he’s her boyfriend (#134).
  • Ash accuses Mina of singing songs about Sonic, and when Mina cannot deny that she’s still got feelings for the blue hedgehog, Ash walks out on her. When Ash tries to protect Mina, he gets hurt. Later by his bedside, Mina tells him that she loves him and not Sonic. They kiss and make up. 

Why do people like this couple?


Swift says: "I can't think of any better person for Mina than Ash. Even though I am also a little bit of a Sonic/Mina fan, I like this one too. Opposites attract too, Mina's happy and Ash is... not so much. He's kind of angsty, which fits well with the cheery Mina. She could probably cheer the guy up a little bit while he's managing her career. I discovered this in a strange way. I had never read Archie, and I still haven't read Archie, but I've seen scans. I had heard of someone named Mina pursuing Sonic's affections, and not long later I found out about Mina and a new character called Ash. Saw scans, that's all it took, I was instantly hooked."


Metal says: "Yay, canon coupleness-ness-ness! Opposites attract anyway!"

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