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The coyote and the rabbot

Names for the Couple: There are no real shorter names for this couple known barring "Antunnie" and "Buntoine". Most people simply call it "AntoinexBunnie".


Age Gap: According to their profiles in the Archie comics, their age gap is about two years, Antoine being older.


Seme/Uke: Bunnie would definitely be the more dominant of the two and Antoine is definitely uke-ish.


Similarities: The fact that they've both had Robotnik effect their lives. Antoine's father was roboticized by the madman, and Bunnie's own limbs were reboticized. Both of them can also be loving people.

Differences: Antoine is fairly vain and cowardly whereas Bunnie is almost the exact opposite, thus opposites-attract settles in.



Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)


          Antoine helps Bunnie train.

          Bunnie squeezes Antoine’s cheek in a teasing manner.


Archie Sonic the Hedgehog


          Antoine kissed Bunnie’s cheek (#18).

          Antoine told Bunnie he’d love her no matter what she looked like (Super Special #11).


If there are any others, please state what issue/episode and what happened.


Reasons why people support this couple?


Swift says: "Bunnie is the only one I can see Antoine with and it's the same with a few people. Bunnie's tough attitude could toughen up Antoine, who is slightly cowardly. Antoine has had a fairly bad past with his father being roboticized and Bunnie has been partly roboticized herself. They will most likely be able to talk to each other and commit to each other. Plus, Antoine would love Bunnie no matter what she looked like, he said so himself in one of the Archie issues (I’ve seen scans). Once I heard of Archie and I found out more about the characters, including the fact that they were together, I grew to like the pairing."


Flash says: "Bunnie is the only person who I think suits Antoine. Antoine would be a bit of a loner without Bunnie."

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