Sonic the Hedgehog 2
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The second Sonic game to hit Megadrive/Genesis


Dr. Robotnik has returned, again bent on world domination. Join Sonic and his sidekick Miles ‘Tails’ Prower the fox as they try to stop the demented scientist from discovering the Chaos Emeralds and completing the ultimate weapon, the Death Egg.


Game Objectives

Avoid traps and Badniks as you guide Sonic and his sidekick Tails through ten different Zones on the trail of the mad scientist Robotnik. You have ten minutes Game Time to clear each Act. If you go over ten minutes, a ‘Time Over’ message will appear and you will lose one Life. In ‘1 Player Mode’ the controller must be plugged in Controller Socket 1.



Items and Objects
Rings – Staying alive will be tough, but by grabbing Rings Sonic or Tails won’t be hurt when attacked. If an enemy attacks, you will lose all the rings you have collected. If an enemy attacks you while Sonic has no Rings, you will lose one Life. An extra life is awarded if you collect 100 and 200 Rings. Rings collected by Tails (if you use both characters) are also added to your total.
Star Posts – By crossing through a Star Post, your present score and time will be recorded. It’s almost like a check point. Should you fail to reach the end of the Act, you’ll be taken back to the last Post you touched. Touching a Star Post with over 50 Rings, you’ll see a
Star Circle spinning above the Star Post. Jumping into it takes you to the Special Stage.


Special Items

Special Items will be withheld in a TV monitor. Smash open the TV monitors to get Special Items.


Super Ring – Has a Ring on the screen. You receive ten Rings by smashing this at once.

Shield – Prevents you from losing your rings or being hurt when attacked. If you get hit by an enemy wearing the shield, you lose the shield, but keep your Rings. It has a grey sphere on the screen.

Power Sneaker – Smashing this open enables you to run faster than ever before! Has a shoe on the screen.

1-Ups – Smashing this open gives you an extra Life. It has Sonic’s face on the screen.

Invincible – Smashing this open enables you immune to any enemy attack for a short period of time, though it won’t defend you from drowning, falling or being squashed. It has stars on the screen.



Throughout the game, you receive points. Receiving points go towards getting an extra Life. You can get points by:

          Defeating enemies

          Defeating bosses

          The number of Rings you have at the end of the Act

          How fast you made it through the level (the faster you are, the more points you get)

          Hitting pop bumpers in the actual levels (not in the Secret Zone)

          Bonus icons



Emerald Hill Zone - The second tropical Zone is fast and straightforward. The only new obstacle are the horizontal corkscrew twists which can only be crossed if hit with enough speed.

Chemical Plant Zone - The factory is flooded with chemicals, which have the same affect on Sonic/Tails as normal water, except that there are no air bubbles. Hop into a pipe for a quick ride to another part of the stage.

Aquatic Ruin Zone - Unlike most water Zones, Aquatic Ruin is only halfway submerged, and the water level is constant throughout the entire stage. If you can keep high and dry, it's a piece of cake. Get wet, and the irritating underwater mechanics kick in. The Eggman-faced panels on certain columns will fire arrows at Sonic as he passes. Destroy columns in your path by jumping on top.

Casino Night Zone - Bobbins are worth 10 points a bop up to 10 times for a total of 100 points. Green bumpers are worth 10 points a smack, but they disappear after 3 hits. Jump into the giant slot machines and try to line up three in a row for a Ring bonus. Line up three Eggmans, though, and you get attacked with bombs that subtract 100 Rings from your total. Hold down one of the jump buttons in the Pinball Shooters to send Sonic or Tails flying!

Hill Top Zone - You're high above the clouds, but fortunately, the thin air doesn't seem to bother Sonic or Tails too much. In act 2, you'll find yourself stuck in a shifting chunk of stage: if you're up high, you'll be moving upward on rising ground; if you're below, you'll be chased upward by rising magma.

Mystic Cave Zone - You're at the mercy of the machinery in this rather spacious underground cavern. Hang onto vines to change your vertical coordination, and be extra careful not to get squished around the rotating crates.

Oil Ocean Zone - If you fall in the oil, you can keep your head above the abyss by constantly jumping. When you're falling down a slide, there's nothing you can do but let go and pray. Green buttons act like springs, but they must first be pushed into the wall.

Metropolis Zone - The Scrap Brain air chutes are back, and giant rotating tunnels present a new obstacle. Conveyor belts and spiked blocks make getting around a bit tricky. On the screw platforms, run left to descend and right to ascend.


Sky Chase Zone - Eggman's escaping to the friendly skies, so Sonic and Tails give chase in the Tornado. Your character rides the wings while the secondary character pilots. No matter where you move, your partner will be sure to catch you, so don't worry about falling. Do worry about the formations of aerial enemies that scroll by.


Wing Fortress Zone - The character on the wings leaps onto the Wing Fortress while the unfortunate pilot goes down with the ship. Eggman's aerial base is loaded with nasty contraptions, but the biggest danger frequently proves to be falling off the screen. You can grab a lift on giant fans or a quick dash on the aircraft accelerators.


Death Egg Zone -  There's not a Ring to be found and not too much stage, but the Death Egg's claim to fame are the two most difficult bosses in Sonic 2. In the first arena, you'll face off against Silver Sonic. Beating him will lead you to the final showdown with Robotnik!


Special Stage


 By recieving fifty Rings during a level, reaching a Star Post and jumping into the Star Circle, you get taken to the Special Stage.

The goal here is to try and retrieve a Chaos Emerald, by collecting as many Rings as possible. Speed around the chute, picking up as many Rings as possible. Sidestep or jump over bombs to stay in. Finishing the Stage with all the required Rings means you get one of the Chaos Emeralds.

 You leave the Secret Zone should you not have enough required Rings when you reach a certain point in the Stage or when you get the Chaos Emeralds.


Bombs – Small dark spheres. These must be avoided or you lose Rings!

Rings – Golden rings. Collecting these is incredibly important, as you need a certain amount to get past certain points in the Stage.

Checkpoints – Stages that you need a certain amount of Rings to pass. They’re rather easy to spot.

Chaos Emeralds – Reaching the end of the Stage enables you to find one of these multi-coloured jewels.


Multiplayer Mode

With two players, Sonic and Tails compete to clear each Act in the fastest time while gathering Score Points, Rings, and Super Items. The game has three Regular Zones (two Acts each) and a Special Stage. Player 1 moves Sonic through the Zone on the top half of the screen, and Player 2 moves Tails through the same Zone on the bottom half of the screen.

 Compete to obtain the highest score and to clear the Act in the fastest time. When one player finishes, a timer will count down from 60 seconds. The other player must finish within 60 seconds.


Special Items are also receivable but you don’t know what they are until after you hit them. Special Items you can get in Multiplayer are:


1-Ups – Has either Sonic or Tails’ face on it. Regardless of who uncovers it, the extra Life goes to whoever the face on it is (if Tails got a 1-Up with Sonic’s face on it, Sonic gets the extra Life, not Tails)

Ring Loss – Has Robotnik’s face on it. This causes you to lose your Rings.

Teleportation – Whenever these are hit, Sonic and Tails will switch places (Sonic will be teleported to where Tails was and vice versa)


Play Tips

          Grab all the Rings you can. When you lose Rings, rush to get them before they disappear. Not only will this help keep you alive, but it will increase your chances of getting into the Secret Zone.

          Watch traps carefully to see how they move. This shall improve your chances of avoiding them.

          Look for ways to get to places that seem impossible to reach.

          Look for secret areas

          Jump on levers, hang from vines, use the Spin Attack to find any hidden items

          Remember the Time Bonus. Don’t waste any time.

          Destroy enemies for bonus points!

          By collecting Rings and improving your score, you may be lucky and obtain a Continue worth three more lives after ‘Game Over’.

          Don’t move too fast in the Special Stage, you may miss some Rings!

          Concentrate on your own screen in multiplayer.

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