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The very first Sonic game released on Megadrive/Genesis


Dr. Ivo Robotnik (a.k.a Dr. Eggman), the mad scientist, is snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots! Help our hero to fight enemies, rescue the helpless animals, and stop Dr. Robotnik from succeeding with his evil plot.


Game Objectives

Avoid traps and crazed robots as you dash through six hazardous Zones, each with three exciting Acts. You will face Dr. Robotnik at the end of ever third Act. You have ten minutes Game Time to clear each Act. After ten minutes, a ‘Time Over’ message will appear and you will lose one Life.



Items and Objects
Rings – Staying alive will be tough, but by grabbing Rings Sonic won’t be hurt when attacked. If an enemy attacks, you will lose all the rings you have collected. If an enemy attacks you while Sonic has no Rings, you will lose one Life.
Lamp Posts – By crossing through a Lamp Post, your present score and time will be recorded. It’s almost like a check point. Should you fail to reach the end of the Act, you’ll be taken back to the last Post you touched.


Special Items

Special Items will be withheld in a TV monitor. Smash open the TV monitors to get Special Items.


Super Ring – Has a Ring on the screen. You receive ten Rings by smashing this at once.

Shield – Prevents you from losing your rings or being hurt when attacked. If you get hit by an enemy wearing the shield, you lose the shield, but keep your Rings. It has a grey sphere on the screen.

Power Sneaker – Smashing this open enables you to run faster than ever before! Has a shoe on the screen.

1-Ups – Smashing this open gives you an extra Life. It has Sonic’s face on the screen.

Invincible – Smashing this open enables you immune to any enemy attack for a short period of time, though it won’t defend you from drowning, falling or being squashed. It has stars on the screen.



Throughout the game, you receive points. Receiving points go towards getting an extra Life. You can get points by:

          Defeating enemies

          Defeating bosses

          The number of Rings you have at the end of the Act

          How fast you made it through the level (the faster you are, the more points you get)

          Hitting pop bumpers in the actual levels (not in the Secret Zone)

          Bonus icons



Green Hill Zone - Sonic's very first steps into the tropics. Green Hill Zone features checkered hillsides, palmtrees, loop-da-loops. Don't stick around on crumbling edges, time your movements on the spinning spiked logs and avoid all spikes in general.

Marble Zone - The second stage is a crumbling ruin. Avoid the lava within the ruins; push grey blocks for a safe ride across and destroy the grey bricks to get bonus points!


Spring Yard Zone - A pinball stage. Use the flippers to knock Sonic around and gain points by hitting the Bobbins.


Labyrinth Zone - The very first water level for a Sonic game. Sonic can only hold his breath for so long, so make sure you grab the air bubbles every so often. You'll know he's running out of air when a countdown begins!


Star Light Zone - An aerial highway littered with fans designed to slow you down. Some will stop after a while, so persistance is a good thing. Beware of the flashing mines.


Scrap Brain Zone - The typical Eggman hang out; pollution, grimy factories, sharp objects. If a platform is spinning around, it can't be landed on. Act 3 is almost a remake of Labyrinth Zone.


Secret Zone

By receiving fifty Rings during a level, and reaching the end of the Act, you’ll find a giant Ring. Jump into it to reach the Secret Zone.

 The goal here is to try and retrieve a Chaos Emerald, and as many Rings as possible without touching the Goal Blocks. Use the Spin Attack to ricochet of the blocks in a 360 rotating maze.

 You leave the Secret Zone should you touch the Goal Blocks or if you touch a Chaos Emerald.


Red and White Spheres – Red and white in colour, you basically just jump off of them.
Up/Down Spheres – Red and white in colour, but unlike the normal ones, these cause the stage to rotate faster or slower. Touching them turns them into the opposite of what they were (touching an Up sphere turns it into a Down sphere).

R Sphere – R stands for reverse. Touching one rotates the stage the opposite way. Obviously has ‘R’ on it.

Pop Bumpers – They bounce you off when you touch them. They are in the game itself too. It’s a red sphere with a star on it. Often best to avoid at times, as you can lose direction.

Rings – Collecting Rings in the Secret Zone gains you extra Continues if you receive a certain amount.

Diamonds – They surround the Chaos Emerald, and are diamond shaped. You need to wear them down.
Chaos Emeralds – A small jewel in the middle of diamonds. This is the goal of the Secret Zone. Collecting these enables you to leave the Secret Zone with it.

Goal Spheres – These must be avoided. Flashing red spheres with the word ‘GOAL’ on them are found in groups at the end of some turns. Make a wrong turn and you’ll leave empty handed!



Play Tips

          Grab all the Rings you can. When you lose Rings, rush to get them before they disappear. Not only will this help keep you alive, but it will increase your chances of getting into the Secret Zone.

          Watch traps carefully to see how they move. This shall improve your chances of avoiding them.

          Look for ways to get to places that seem impossible to reach.

          Use the Spin Attack to find hidden items.

          Look for secret areas

          Remember the Time Bonus. Don’t waste any time.

          Destroy enemies for bonus points!

          By collecting Rings and improving your score, you may be lucky and obtain a Continue worth three more lives after ‘Game Over’.




Lily Aleena Hedgehog says: "The very first game I became a fan of, and one of my favourite classic games over all the others. The music is catchy, the gameplay is excellent, though I do find Labyrinth Zone a tough cookie on the third Act sometimes."


Flash says: "This was the very first thing that got me into Sonic in the first place. I like the music and some of the levels are great although I do find some of the bosses hard. Overall, a great game."

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