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Episode 1
The first episode. Sonic attempts to break into Eggman's base in order to rescue Cream and Cheese. The rescue goes awry and sends Sonic into a whole new world via Chaos Control! Sonic already becomes a target for police and the S Team. As he escapes them, he finds himself rescued from a swimming pool by a boy named Chris.
Episode 2
Sonic is quickly discovered by Chris' grandfather Chuck and the two help Sonic rescue Cream and Cheese from a research lab called Area 99.
Episode 3
While Knuckles and Amy wander the sewers, Chris sets out on a search for Sonic, along with Tails and Chuck. Eggman decides to take over the nearest city, but finds that Tails and Chris disrupt his plans. Soon, Amy and Knuckles interfere, and Amy is held hostage. Sonic is their only hope...
Episode 4
A new teacher is at Chris' school, and a strange jewel is discovered. It is immediatly recognized as a Chaos Emerald by both Sonic and Eggman. Now it's neck and neck between them in a race to get the first emerald. Chris joins the search but who will get the emerald?
Episode 5
Eggman tricks Knuckles into believing that Sonic sent them to this new world for the fun of it. Now Knuckles is out for revenge. Amy, Tails and Chris try to find a Chaos Emerald to find it's a trap and a huge fight breaks out: SONIC VS KNUCKLES
Episode 6
Eggman comes up with a plan to trick the children into loving him. Eggman sends a robot to trick them, and gets a major shock when the robot has fun with the kids instead!
Episode 7
Chris throws a house party, while desperately trying to keep Sonic and friends out of sight. And it's tough, considering Cream misses her mother and wants to help out.
Episode 8
Eggman sucks up television satellites to turn them into robot parts. Sonic and Tails try to stop him in the Tornado, but fail. Tails makes adjustments to the Tornado and it becomes the X Tornado! As Sonic, Tails and Chris go to face Eggman, will everything go okay?
Episode 9
Everyone visits the beach except for Sonic. Amy finds herself pining for Sonic and makes him a lucky bracelet. Eggman turns up to turn the resort into a horror theme park, and as Sonic turns up in time, Eggman tries to drown him!
Episode 10
Tails comes across another Chaos Emerald at a baseball stadium, but in order to win it, he, Sonic and the others have to play a game of winner-take-all baseball against Eggman's robot baseball team.
Episode 11
A jewel thief is on the loose and hears news of the red Chaos Emerald. Knowing Sonic is also looking for it, she throws them off the trail to snatch it up for herself. But she finds it's all a trap by the President...
Episode 12
The President announces his plan to defeat Eggman while Knuckles sneaks into G.U.N's base. Meanwhile, a Chaos Emerald is found, but it's a battle between Tails and Eggman to get it. And Tails is loosing badly...
Episode 13
Rouge and the agents manage to sneak into Eggman's base, and meet with Knuckles. While they plan to take out Eggman's power supply, Sonic races to rescue Tails and the Chaos Emerald. It's a race now for the Chaos Emerald!
Episode 14
Since Sonic defeated Eggman, he has become famous. He is invited to the President's party, but he turns down the offer, taking out one of Chris' friends, Helen, out to an island. G.U.N is sent after Sonic to capture him and force him to come to the party, leaving Sonic and Helen on the run!
Episode 15
Ella takes Chris, Amy, Tails, Cream and Cheese to the mall, but they end up getting many stares from people, to their annoyance. Eggman attacks the city in his new ship, and it's up to Sonic and the X Tornado to save the day!
Episode 16
Sonic, Tails, Chris, Amy, Cream and Cheese go on vacation only to find a Chaos Emerald under the sea! Can Chris help find a way for Sonic to breathe underwater? Will Eggman intervene?
Episode 17
Knuckles meets a human man named Hawk, who claims he has discovered a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles and Hawk race against time to get the Chaos Emerald before Eggman and Rouge.
Episode 18
Sonic, Chris and Tails crash-land in a nature preserve, as well as Eggman. While Chris and Tails gather people to save the animals from the dam being built, Sonic battles against Eggman's ape robot.
Episode 19
Chris and the others are staying at a castle, where Chris' mom is filming a movie. Little do they know, ghosts prowl the castle, and capture people. Soon, Chris' mom, Ella, Cream, Cheese, Tails and Sonic are captured. It's up to Amy and Chris to find them, and put the ghosts away for good.
Episode 20
The crew head on vacation on a cruise ship, but Sonic's restless and wants out. Elderly citizens arrive on the ship to teach the crew how to relax, though Sonic sneakily plans an escape. Meanwhile, Eggman has a new ship and Sonic has to face his fear of water and relax if he wants to win.
Episode 21
In the middle of the night, Chris' uncle Sam turns up looking for a race with Sonic. While Sonic turns him down at first, a little unfriendly persuasion leads him to enter the race. Speed match: Sonic VS Sam! Who will win?
Episode 22
While exploring Tanaka's old home in the mountains, Cheese gets flown away by the current. The gang set off to find him, and find a whole lot more than they bargained for! A whole colony of chao!
Episode 23
It's Chris' parents anniversary and Chris' father has got a ring. But the ring is quickly recognized as a Chaos Emerald, and soon, everyone turns up wanting it!
Episode 24
A strange device landed in Sonic's ear when he came to Amy's rescue, and now he's lost control of his feet. While Sonic can't stop running, the others come up with several plans to find out what's wrong with him.
Episode 25
Eggman sends out his robot Lucky to find the last Chaos Emerald. Knuckles comes to the conclusion that it may be best to call a truce with Eggman, and gets Chris to agree. Wanting to not be selfish and make Sonic's chances of returning home higher, he agrees to Knuckles' plan.
Episode 26
Sonic speeds after Eggman in a desperate pursuit to rescue Chris, who is being held hostage. The last Chaos Emerald is discovered, and a battle breaks out as Eggman defeats Sonic, tossing him to the ocean. Chris rescues the Chaos Emeralds, and Sonic reappears as Super Sonic.
Episode 27
Six months after the battle with Eggman, Chris and Cream discover a Chaos Emerald. A strange liquid possesses Froggy, leaving Big to search in vain for him, and Sonic returns to find a monster is on the loose.
Episode 28
After a brief discussion, Sonic and Tails leave to search for the Chaos Emeralds, Chris and Big search for Froggy, and Knuckles searches for the broken pieces of the Master Emerald. As Eggman gets away with another Chaos Emerald, Amy befriends a small bird. Things get worse for the heroes though, when Amy and the bird are kidnapped!
Episode 29
Sonic and Tails search for Amy, Knuckles gains more pieces of the Master Emerald, and recieves another disturbing vision of that same echidna girl. Big and Chris find Froggy, who gets kidnapped by Gamma. It's all or nothing as the gang head towards the Egg Carrier.
Episode 30
Knuckles finds the last pieces of the Master Emerald and gets another vision of that girl and several injured chao, Amy and Tails escape the Egg Carrier, Sonic rescues Chris and Big from Chaos, and a missile crash lands in the middle of the city, set to blow up! It's up to Tails to defuse it... will he?
Episode 31
Gamma deletes any data of Eggman being his master, and sets off to free his 'friends' from Eggman's ownership. Amy decides to help her bird friend find it's siblings. Sonic explores a temple, getting a vision of an echidna girl, and defeats Eggman. Gamma is locked in a battle with Beta. Will he free Beta?
Episode 32
Chaos absorbs the seventh Chaos Emerald and total havoc happens as the city floods, and Perfect Chaos attacks, destroying all in it's path. The echidna girl arrives in the future, to try and assist Sonic in destroying Chaos' anger. As all the Chaos Emeralds are handed to Sonic, he transforms into Super Sonic.
Episode 33
As the city is being prepared, a legacy is brought to light for Eggman, as he discovers his grandfather's diary. He learns of 'Project: Shadow' and decides to break into Prison Island to awaken it. Rouge steals the Master Emerald and a Chaos Emerald from Angel Island.
Episode 34
Sonic is on the run from the law after a Chaos Emerald was stolen. While Sonic questions what he's supposed to have done, his friends have no doubt that Sonic was framed. Sonic comes face-to-face with his lookalike Shadow, and a fight breaks out. It ends with Sonic getting arrested. Meanwhile, Rouge offers Eggman a Chaos Emerald.
Episode 35
Tails, Amy, Chris and Tanaka set off to rescue Sonic from Prison Island. Meanwhile, Shadow, Rouge and Eggman invade Prison Island in search for three Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Shadow have another face-off, just as the island is about to blow up, with Chris nowhere to be found!
Episode 36
Knuckles discovers Eggman's base, and it's not long before the message gets across to Sonic, who's on the run again. Shadow has many flashbacks as they blow up half of the moon to let people know they mean business. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese and Tanaka sneak in Eggman's base, and meet Bokkun, and it's a fight to defeat the Egg Golem.
Episode 37
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Tanaka arrive on Space Colony ARK but immediatly, Amy is taken hostage. In order to save her, Sonic agrees to surrender the last Chaos Emerald, which is in fact a fake. It's a trap as Eggman blasts Sonic into space, blowing him up. But Sonic managed to Chaos Control out just in time! Knuckles rescues the Master Emerald, and it's the final face-off between Sonic and Shadow.
Episode 38
The countdown to doom has begun and everyone works together to save the lives of everyone. While Tails, Eggman and Rouge take out robots, Knuckles, Sonic, Decoe and Bocoe attempt to get the Master Emerald to the core of the cannon. Meanwhile, Shadow appears and Chris convinces him that Maria wouldn't want him to kill everyone. Shadow ends up helping defeat the Biolizard.
Episode 39
Chris is devastated to hear that Sonic's species may have to be separated from the humans. The Chaotix arrive on Earth and have a mission: to find Cream. Somehow getting it into his head that Sonic kidnapped Cream, Vector arrives at the Thorndyke mansion with Espio and Charmy, looking for a fight. Meanwhile, Eggman states he plans to give up on world domination.
Episode 40
When an eclipse from the newly repaired moon takes place, Eggman begins selling artificial light to people. Everyone truly believes Eggman's turned over a leaf, except for Sonic, who starts destroying towers which help the light. Everyone begins to turn against Sonic. Is Sonic jealous? Or is there more to this than meets the eye?
Episode 41
After the success of his artificial light, Eggman decides to execute the rest of his plan. Knuckles picks a fight with Sonic, believing that Eggman is truly doing good. Eventually, Chris finds faith in Sonic and the gang come to his defence. Sonic explains that the moon couldn't block the sun all the time, and Eggman is up to his old tricks again! Soon, Sonic proves the truth and Eggman is arrested.
Episode 42
Amy is upset and angry, as Sonic has missed their date. Sam arrives and takes Amy out on a date instead, which ends up with arguments and smiles all around. Bokkun finds one of Eggman's creations, and stalls Sonic while attempting to break Eggman out of prison.
Episode 43
With Eggman in prison, Sonic is taking the chance to relax. Unfortunately for him, many citizens are doing several silly things to prove he's their idol. This angers Chris' dad, as he believes it's Sonic's fault that his employees are behaving like this. Eggman concocts a scheme in prison by malfunctioning all household appliances. Will Eggman escape from prison?
Episode 44
Agents begin to search for Eggman, in fear of what he could do. When Mr. Stewart finds him, Chris and his friends, Cream, Cheese and Emerl tag along. How will it all end?
Episode 45
A tournament is being held, with the red Chaos Emerald as the prize. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Emerl, Tanaka, Ella, the President, The 'Black Knight', Hawk and several others enter
Episode 46
The tournament continues after Sonic forfeited his match with Amy to pursue Eggman. The fights grow more intense as Emerl and Knuckles make it to the finals. Eventually, Emerl emerges the victor, and is given the Chaos Emerald. The robot goes insane and beats everyone up. Cream talks to Emerl, but in the end, is forced to fight him.
Episode 47
Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe hatch a plan to destroy the Equator with a giant Robot, and it's up to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chris, and Rouge to stop him.
Episode 48
With Eggman under the Volcano Sonic, Rouge, Knuckles, Tails and Chris follow him. They discover a land beneath the volcano, and things get heated when Chris saves Decoe and Bocoe, and they abandon Eggman.
Episode 49
It is discovered that Earth and Mobius are merging. If they join together completely, then time will stop forever. It is decided that Sonic and co. must return home through Chaos Control. This upsets Chris, who runs off to confront Eggman thinking it is one of his tricks to get rid of Sonic.
Episode 50
Sonic and the others must go back home in order to keep the flow of time and space. This grieves many of those on Chris' World but sometimes, with good friendships, there are times when you just have to let go. But can Chris let go of Sonic?
Episode 51
After Chris stops him from going home, Sonic goes on a long journey with Chris, who decides to run away from home. However, his parents want him back and they soon go looking for him. Will Nelson and Lindsey find Chris or has he run away forever? Will Sonic ever return to his own world?
Episode 52
In Sonic's World, everyone starts to worry about where Sonic is and if he's ever coming back. He appears in the nick of time to save Tails before going to see Amy, who was the most worried about him disappearing, and is the most thrilled to see him. In Chris' World, many years have already passed, and, now grown up, Chris looks back on everything he's done for Sonic and the others and what they've done for him.
Episode 53
Super Sonic sends the Chaos Emeralds away in space, and finds himself injured badly. Tails, Amy, Cream and Cheese find a capsule containing a girl, who later reveals she's looking for Sonic. Sonic's world is attacked by a creature recognized as a 'Meterex' and the Planet Egg is stolen. Chris plans to go to Sonic's world.
Episode 54
Chris arrives in Sonic's world in his twelve year old body, which confuses everybody. Sonic faints, quite ill from his battle in space. The girl, Cosmo, reveals all about the Meterex and Planet Eggs, and Knuckles is sceptical. Tails introduces his space ship: The Blue Typhoon! But the Meterex aren't going to let them leave...
Episode 55
The gang land on a water planet, much to Sonic's disgust. Cosmo, Cream, Cheese and Knuckles search for the Chaos Emerald, while Amy meets the residents of the planets. Chris and Sonic meet Meterex and Sonic gets captured! Will Sonic be rescued? Will Chris see that he has changed in six years?
Episode 56
Eggman lands on Planet Secco, while the residents honour the heroes. Rouge blackmails Bokkun into following her scheme to get the Chaos Emerald and he tells Eggman of the plan. Eggman tricks Knuckles into thinking he's changed, and a fight breaks out between him and Sonic. While Cosmo tries in vain to stop the fight, Eggman is caught red handed, but Knuckles refuses to believe it until Cosmo is held hostage and a Meterex shows up.
Episode 57
The gang land on an ice planet, having found a Chaos Emerald. The Blue Typhoon crash-lands on Planet Freezy, and while Tails, Cream, Cheese and Amy fix the ship, the others explore. A battle breaks out, and they find the emerald... but Rouge takes it away! But then... the emerald is discovered fake...
Episode 58
A meterex tries to escape with a Planet Egg, but Sonic stops him, falling to the planet himself. Amy, Cream and Cosmo explore and search for Sonic, and discover the Planet Egg. Will they keep it safe from the monkey meterex?
Episode 59
Items from Chris' world arrives in Sonic's world. Vanilla hires the Chaotix to deliver the stuff to the Blue Typhoon and check up on Cream. The crew thinks that the Chaotix are meterex but when they discover they're not, Vector goes in over his head and kidnaps Cream and Cosmo!
Episode 60
Sonic, Amy and Knuckles explore a haunted house on a haunted planet while Chris and Cosmo explore a battered space colony. Chris remembers Shadow, shockingly, as Rouge discovers him on Eggman's ship, still alive! It's a trap on the planet as the meterex tries to beat Sonic and crew!
Episode 61
A ship tries to destroy Eggman and Sonic, one that also happened to destroy Cosmo's colony. It's an all out battle against the Ship of Doom as Sonic and Shadow destroy it from the inside.
Episode 62
Cosmo misses her family, as she and Tails get trapped and separated from the others. The two explore the caves below and find a Chaos Emerald, along with others. Cosmo translates the meterex's language, and get in trouble, until Sonic arrives to save the day!
Episode 63
Two Chaos Emeralds are detected inside the Meterex's base. Determined to get his hands on them, Eggman teams up with Sonic in a race to get them first. But Eggman has a sneaky plan... when Shadow, Rouge and Chris open the door to the base, who will get the Chaos Emeralds first?
Episode 64
Sonic battles the Meterex, losing badly, as Eggman plans to flee when the Meterex attack their own base, due to the Planet Egg being released. Chris steals Eggman's Chaos Emeralds and leaves to rescue Sonic, but Shadow won't give up the emeralds so easily...
Episode 65
Cosmo has a surprise in store for the crew of Blue Typhoon. The Chaotix arrive on the ship, their ship in need of repair, and Vector instantly believes Tails and Cosmo are in love. Thus, match-making mayhem begins!

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