Shadow the Hedgehog

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The black hedgehog


Name: Shadow
Age: 50, but is physically fifteen

DOB: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog

Debut: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) 
Likes: Silence, time to think
Dislikes: People who get in his way, show-offs


- He can run at the speed of sound, thanks to his jet shoes

- He is fairly acrobatic

- He can perform various attack techniques: Roll, Spin Attack, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Jump Dash, Light Dash, Chaos Spear, Black Tornado and Chaos Blast
- He can use Chaos Control to warp time and space to teleport to safety
- He can become Super Shadow with the Chaos Emeralds
- Due to the rings on his wrists, he can regain energy easily in a battle

Weapons and Items:

- Air Shoes – Enables Shadow to perform Light Dash

- Ancient Light – Enables Shadow to perform the Light Attack

- Flame Ring – Strengthens Shadow’s somersault with added fire








To put it simply, Shadow is a hedgehog with ambition, and is not a character to have his buttons pressed. His conduct and wit is as sharp, fast and crude as his physical ability, and he is as serious as a heart attack. He's generally quiet and reserved, preferring to keep to himself but if necessary he won't hesitate to express his thoughts on things, even if he's cold and blunt about it. He is considered the polar opposite to Sonic (one of the only things they share in common is that they can both be full of themselves at times). Shadow is quite smart, remaining cautious and serious even in the face of danger. Shadow is a character who concentrates on his motives, whether they be good or evil, and when determined, there's no stopping him. Adding to that, Shadow is a loyal ally and will protect those he cares about from danger at any price.


Sonic X

Shadow first appeared in episode 33 and was instantly believed to be Sonic... he looks VERY similar to Sonic and the fact that no one knew he existed made committing crimes very easy as people thought Sonic was committing them! Shadow is very strong, and always manages to keep on top of his opponent in battle. Sonic is perhaps his greatest rival in existence. Though his crimes made him seem like an evil person, Shadow is actually fairly emotional, confused and hungry for revenge. He had suffered a horrendous past on Space Colony ARK fifty years before where his only friend Maria died to save him from G.U.N. Shadow's creator, Professor Gerald, went into a rage over his granddaughter Maria's death and he wished for revenge against the whole world. Shadow wasted no time in carrying out his creator's wish. Shadow eventually remembered the promise he made to Maria, to protect earth and Shadow helped Sonic defeat the Biolizard. Shadow was believed to have died that day but he reappeared in season 3.
 He had befriended a girl called Molly who died not long after and Shadow tried to kill Cosmo believing her to be a spy for the Meterex. Shadow is a good guy, and isn't on anyone's side but his own.


Sonic Archie

 Shadow may be the most dangerous being on Mobius. Not only is he very powerful, but he is also very unpredictable. Shadow does not take a side in the war between the Kingdom of Knothole and the Eggman Empire. While he despises Eggman completely, he also detests Sonic and his allies. As a result, he is a wild card who could end up on whatever side suits him best. The side that usually suits him best is the one that will assist him with answers about his mysterious origins. His creation by Professor Gerald, his friendship with Gerald's granddaughter Maria, and the purpose of his existence are all hazy in his memory and he feels a need for answers.


Sonic Fleetway

A dark and sinister hedgehog created from Chaos Energy millennia ago and given shape from Sonic's DNA. Shadow has complete control over Chaos Energy and a psychotic devotion to Robotnik's will, making him a formidable foe. He's already destroyed the Special Zone, and Mobius is next.

Opinions on Shadow the Hedgehog


Swift says: "Suffice to say, I used to like him but these days I don't, sorry to say. To me, he's just not as interesting to me as some other people may find him and the Sonic-bashing I see from Shadow fans really annoys me. Plus he's really just cliché angst to me and the whole 'badass' thing was getting old. I can't really explain why I don't like him... I just don't."


Flash says: "I like him because of his abilities and his character, but I dislike him because of his bad attitude and all his stuff about a 'mysterious past' was really boring."


Flyboy Fox says: "Eh, forgive me, but Shadow never worked for me from day one. I see him as a giant walking cliché... angst, darkness, a haunted past, questions, a dead loved one, secrets... all of it just makes me want to slap my forehead and sigh, "Oh brother...". I've just never liked angsty characters, and to me, Shadow took the Sonic fandom in a direction I never ever wanted it to go. When I first saw that there was going to be a Shadow game with cars and guns... I was horrified. And then came the Shadow fanatics, hating on Sonic (in his own fandom!) for not being as badass as Shadow and for not being 'dark' or 'tormented'. The thing I always loved about Sonic as a hero was his optimism, cheerfulness, and his LACK OF ANGST. Shadow came along and, in my humble opinion, turned the Sonic fandom into any other nameless clone, making it dark, angsty, and just... killing what made Sonic different. The fact that so many people flocked to Shadow makes me sick, because there's a whole lot of people joining the Sonic fandom just because of Shadow. They're not _Sonic_ fans, and I really feel that if the type of people Shadow is attracting are so different to the people who liked Sonic... well... he doesn't belong. Sorry for the rant there, it's just something I feel VERY strongly about."


Joe and Izzy says: "He tried to kill Cosmo, and he was against everyone else. He is just mean to all the rest of the characters, and has major 'angst'..."

Custard says: "Sonic Heroes really killed Shadow, I think. In SA2B, I really loved him but similairly to Amy, his personality irked me a little. Nowadays, Shadow's lack of memory causes him to be labelled an "emo" by many Shadow haters. Although his memory loss has caused his major downfall, I still like the guy. In fact, I'm probably one of those rare few who are fans of both Sonic and Shadow... usually it's one or the other, not for me!"



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