Cream the Rabbit

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The cute little bunny


Name: Cream
Age: 6

DOB: December 19th
Gender: Female
Species: Rabbit

Debut: Sonic Advance 2, 2002
Likes: Cooking, decorating things or any other recreational activity, watching TV, picking flowers, spending time with her friends, ice cream
Dislikes: Seeing others unhappy, violence, bad feelings


- She can fly using her large rabbit ears

- She can perform various attack techniques: Roll, Spin Attack and Spin Dash
- Cream uses Cheese’s help, so she can hurl him at the enemy (I don’t know Cheese’s gender, but I’m guessing he’s male)

- Can keep up with the Sonic crew with a fair amount of speed

Weapons and Items:

- Cheese is the only real weapon Cream has. Cheese hurls himself at opponents, not caring about how he will be affected

Vehicles: None

- Highly sensitive

- She isn’t an ideal fighter, and is most likely to run from a battle



Cream was brought up with a lot of care, almost as if she were royalty. She is not at all spoilt, but she is incredibly naive, simple-minded at times and generally new to things, meaning that sometimes she is short on attention. Despite that, she is extremely sweet-mannered, polite and kind, even to the point where she would politely curtsy Eggman before attacking him. She never forgets her manners, is very charitable and very loving, but still childish, which is understandable considering her age - she may even burst into tears at something silly like stolen candy. Regardless, she loves being happy and seeing others the same way. Her pal Cheese is always loyal to her, and if Cream is unhappy, Cheese most undoubtly will be too.


Sonic X

Cream is a cute little sweetheart. She never goes anywhere without her chao Cheese and she is always helping people out. Upon arriving in the new world, Cream was without her mother and she missed her terribly. The rabbit can be a bit simple-minded and childish at times but what can you expect from a six year old? Ella has become a substitute mother for the young girl while Vanilla isn't there. Cream is also very fond of flowers and makes flower crowns with them. She hardly ever gets mad at people and even if she does she never stays mad at them. She is very polite.

Opinions on Cream the Rabbit


Swift says: "I'm not as big a fan of Cream as I was when I first heard of her. I admit at times I find her either annoying or boring and I hate the voice she has currently, so much so that whenever Cream speaks in Sonic X I have to cover my ears! But I still like her a little, don't get me wrong. She reminds me a lot of one of my favourite characters from Digimon, Kari (season 1 of Digimon, not 2) and I do think her relationship with her mother is sweet. Overall, I find Cream a sweet character, but with flaws like any other."


Flash says: "It's mainly the cuteness factor that rates her high. I also kind of feel sorry for her being involved in the Cosmo/Tails/Cream wars."


Flyboy Fox says: "Her voice in Sonic X really annoys me... and she's just too cute and polite and sweet for me to tolerate. I dunno what it is about her that irks me so much, but I actually find her kinda creepy."

Joe and Izzy says: "She is close to Tails as my favourite character. She is polite and sweet. Some people even say I act like her sometimes. The weird thing is, I actually like her voice. I guess it is because I have a low, alto voice for a girl. But for whatever reason, I like her squeaky voice."

Custard says: "Why do some people hate her, really? Poor Cream doesn't mean to get dragged into the amounts of Cosmo bashing that occurs. Cream and I are quite alike in some senses, we'll both avoid violent methods unless necessary, we both like ice-cream... the list goes on. Although Cream was seen as potentially useless by some Sonic fans, I think Sonic himself had a personal respect for how brave she was in Sonic Advance 2 when she went out to find her mother. Cream might cower out of some fights at times, but it's only in her character. Besides, it's nice to have a character that isn't always going to help in the fighting, but rather in their own unique way..."






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