Dr. Ivo Robotnik
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The evil scientist


Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik

French Name: Docteur Ivo Robotnik
German Name:
Doktor Ivo Robotnik
Spanish Name:
El doctor Ivo Robotnik
Nicknames: Dr. Eggman

Unknown. Possibly somewhere in his late thirties/early forties.

DOB: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Loves creating robots, and using them to overthrow cities and run them dry of their citizens. He also seems to like testing them against Sonic's skills. Being a bad guy, he certainly likes beating Sonic too, which causes his ego to show itself.
Dislikes: When his declarations of world domination aren’t taken seriously, or aren’t admired. He certainly dislikes it when Sonic foils his schemes.
Related to: Professor Gerald Robotnik (grandfather) and Maria Robotnik (cousin).


- For a human of his weight, he is unusually a fast runner when he isn’t in his Egg Mobile (not as fast as some of the Mobian characters though).


Weapons and Items: He can easily invent himself any weapon he deems useful.


- The Egg
Mobile – Used in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

- Whatever he is capable of building.


-   While he may be a genius, he is also very immature, childish, conceited, and tends to want things done his way or else.

-   Never fights hand-to-hand, for he wouldn’t last long. He usually relies on his machinery.




A genius hellbent on world domination, Dr. Eggman is unreasonably immature and childish. While he is extremely clever and taking over the world should be easy, there's always at least one flaw in his plans which lets him down. The main reasno for his plans failing though is one grinning blue hedgehog, or maybe even one of his friends. Tails rivals him in technical ways, but Eggman does not really see Tails as a threat. Despite the fact that he openly seems to dislike Sonic, he has respect for the hedgehog's determination, which is evident in those times when Eggman has helped Sonic and his friends when things seemed bleak. His childish and stubborn attitude though always manages to keep him from learning his lesson after Sonic beats him.


Sonic X: Although he is the authority in robot engineering, Dr. Eggman is juvenile minded, having the delusion of being able to execute the perfect plan for world domination. Gaining the seven chaos emeralds and creating the Eggman Empire are his greatest goals, and he doesn’t like anyone who stands in his way. Although Sonic is his greatest enemy, it’s possible that Dr. Eggman finds a deep respect for the teen hedgehog. Despite being a genius with an IQ of 300, he can be dreadfully immature and egotistical at times, and can sometimes be easily flattered.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: This version of Robotnik is more humorous than all of his other incarnations. He is more immature, more egotistical, and has a strong hatred for Sonic, shown when he yells “I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!” He often fails his schemes to take over Mobius not only due to his greatest enemies Sonic and Tails stopping him, but also due to the fact that his robots are often not intelligent at all. The designer of AoStH’s Robotnik aimed to make him “animations sexiest fat man!”

Sonic SatAM: Robotnik in this television series is a lot more evil and determined to take over than all of the other alternate versions of Robotnik, barring a few. He was given a sinister design to distinguish him from his comical counterparts. SatAM Robotnik is slightly less immature and egotistical, but he is very easily displeased, especially if one of his plans is thwarted by the Freedom Fighters. It is no doubt that this version of Robotnik is intimidating and fierce personality-wise.


Sonic Underground: He bears some similarities to SatAM Robotnik in that he has already taken over most of Mobius in this series, and can be a fierce, intimidating dictator. Much like SatAM Robotnik, he can be easily displeased if his servants fail him. He was once willing to let the whole of Mobius be destroyed if it meant the Sonic Underground were dead; of course this suggests he has a strong hatred for Queen Aleena and her three children.


Sonic OVA: Robotnik in OVA is a lot like the classic version of Robotnik in the games. He is certainly sneaky and willing to do whatever it takes to kill Sonic. In some ways his behaviour can be comical, especially when his liking for the President’s daughter Sera comes into it.


Sonic Archie: In this universe, Dr. Robotnik begins his existence as Julian Kintobor of the House of Ivo, the son of a human-like Overlander and a human from the city of Station Square. He studied under the genius scientist, Dr. Nate Morgan for an extended period of time. Once his mentor passed unto him everything he knew, Julian conspired against Morgan and had him banished. Archie Robotik, is in some ways, as sinister as SatAM Robotnik, maybe even more so. Robo-Robotik, on the other hand, is very much like his game counterpart.


Sonic Fleetway: Although his goals and actions were always evil, the Fleetway incarnation of Robotnik was, until near the end of the series, often very tongue in cheek, possessed by such foibles as replacing the “ex” in words with “eggs”. Originally, he was not Doctor Ivo Robotnik, but Doctor Ovi Kintobor, a kindly scientist from Earth who ended up on Mobius by unexplained means. He resolved that he would make Mobius a true paradise by erasing all negative energy. Not long later he met Sonic (who was brown at the time) and became fast friends with him. Sonic later broke the sound barrier with Kintobor’s help and turned blue, and Sonic later helped Kintobor to find the seventh emerald, but he failed. Kintobor found a way to complete the transfer of negative energy without the last emerald. Before the progress was initiated, Sonic and Kintobor decided to have lunch, but only found a rotten egg. Kintobor went to the ROCC and tripped on a cable, slamming his hand into the machine’s control panel. Kintobor and the egg were bathed in Chaos Energy as the ROCC exploded. As the smoke cleared, Kintobor was no more – he had become Dr. Ivo Robotnik.


Opinions on Dr. Robotnik:


Swift says: Mainly hated by fanbrats just because he's the villain who is trying to destroy Sonic, the hero of the series.. So what? Without a villain, there's no hero. Without Eggman, there's no Sonic. If Robotnik didn’t try to take over the world, Sonic would not have needed to become the hero, nor would he have needed to have his own game series released. So in a sense, Robotnik started the games just as much as Sonic did. He is one of those characters who often never fails to humour me, even when he's being completely serious. He deserves more respect. Yes, I do like Eggman.”

Flash says: “He's trying to destroy Sonic; I hate anyone who does that.”

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