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The cute pink hedgehog


Name: Amy Rose
Age: 12

DOB: September 23rd
Gender: Female
Species: Hedgehog

Debut: Sonic CD, 1993

Likes: Sonic, shopping, cooking
Dislikes: People who lack feelings or a conscience, when someone is unhappy, other girls who pay attention to Sonic


- She is very skilled with her Piko Piko Hammer

- She can perform various techniques: Roll, Spin Attack, Step Dash and Homing Attack

Weapons and Items:

- Her Piko Piko Hammer – She never leaves home without it!

- Warrior Feather – Allows Amy to perform the Spin Hammer Attack

- Long Hammer – Increases Amy’s attack radius

- Tornado Hammer – Allows Amy to perform the Tornado Jump


- The Breeze – the car she used in the Chaos Grand Prix (Sonic Drift)

- She owned another car which is unknown in name, which she drove in the World Grand Prix (Sonic R)

- She can become a damsel in distress at times

- Without her hammer, she isn’t very good in battle

- She can occasionally be quite delusional

- Her judgement is often clouded by her love for Sonic




A young girl with a hopeless crush on Sonic seems to be her main gimmick these days. She had idolized Sonic since before meeting him, and upon meeting him via tarot card prediction, it turned into a full-blown infatuation. Thus Amy tries her hardest to impress Sonic by trying to be independent and do things by herself, despite having been captured by Eggman on many an occasion and having to be rescued by her hero. When she isn't obsessing over Sonic, she's generally a positive, slightly erratic, optimistic and very cheerful girl who pulls the team together. Much like her crush, she has a short temper (probably shorter than Sonic's) and can be violent on occasion, wielding her Piko Piko Hammer to maintain authority.


Sonic X

Constantly chasing after Sonic, she is head over heels in love with the blue wonder. She's always cheerful and energetic and her constant optimism inspires all those around her - except for Sonic. He thinks she is a burden who slows him down but deep inside he may just be telling himself that to hide his true feelings.


Sonic Archie

Amy is the bubbliest member of the Freedom Fighters, and she has a huge crush on Sonic. Amy Rose's origins lie in the country of Mercia, a province of the Acorn Kingdom across the sea. There she lived for a while with her cousin, Rob O' The Hedge, leader of the Mercian branch of Freedom Fighters. When Robotnik took over, he put the Robian General D'Coolette in charge of Mercia. As things went from bad to worse, Rob sent Amy away to live in Knothole where she would hopefully be much safer. Since then, Amy adapted to life and came to fall head over heels for the local hero, Sonic. She assumed the position of his #1 fan and is ALWAYS on his heels! She has kept her distance out of respect for Sally. Amy was originally ten but she made a wish to be older so she could be able to help the freedom fighters as they would always say she was too young. She is looking to be a potential love interest for Sonic, along with Fiona.


Sonic Fleetway

Amy Rose entered the comic as Robotnik’s prisoner and nearly left it the next issue to become a premature version of the Cybernik, however a reluctant Sonic rescued her with only seconds to spare. She was locked up for claiming to be Sonic’s girlfriend and when she joined the freedom fighters she and Sonic were forced to meet an agreement. Amy Rose became extremely close to Sonic when Mettalix captured her to lure out Sonic and they were stuck together on the Miracle Planet for a month, even though he spent most of the time hiding from her. When they got back down to Mobius she gradually began to grow and become more independent. She practiced with the crossbow and soon became proficient enough to fend for herself.  After the fall of Robotnik she slowly developed more of a tomboy attitude and changed from the small girl she had originally been to a mature teenager, and befriended Tekno who made the gadgets which she tried out. Like Sonic Amy Rose was originally brown but her back story revealed that she broke into Robotnik's headquarters whilst he was attempting to emulate the conditions which gave Sonic super powers, he thought she had broke the machine so he threw her into it to die but the experiment was a success, although she didn't come out with Super Speed Amy's reactions and confidence were increased and she turned bright pink, unlike Sonic she didn't let her ego take over and she steps aside to let him take the limelight.


Opinions on Amy Rose


Swift says: "A lot of people dislike her only because she's annoying at times or she 'stole Sonic from Sally/Mina/Blaze/Whoever'. I find I can look past all of that. In Sonic X especially, her character improved. I find her more annoying in the games, but it doesn't stop me liking her. To be honest, I think Sonic Battle and Rush had her too obsessed, but I blame the people who make the games for making her that way. Plus, she's very open with her emotions and that makes her appealing, because she doesn't seem embarassed by them. I think once Amy matures a bit, Sonic will see what a great girl he's missing out on."


Flash says: "My favourite female character. She is funny, honest and never gives up."

Sweet Freak says: "My favourite character in Sonic. She rules the world. Screw how they portray her in the games, she's realistic with flaws like every other creature."


Flyboy Fox says: "I actually faltered on putting her here. I used to dislike her intensely but now I tolerate her, although I'm not fond of her. I think she's a decent girl with a good heart, but her obsession with Sonic is so fangirly it makes me feel sick."

Joe and Izzy says: "Amy seems a little... obsessed with Sonic in the games. But in the TV series, her love for Sonic is actually kind of cute and sweet. She is definably no pushover. Kind of what I want to be..."

Custard says: "The way Sonic Heroes portrayed Amy irked me a little, and honestly, I wasn't that fond of her. Despite what people say, Amy's quite a strong character. Unfortunatly, her so-called 'crush' on Sonic is seeing her downfall in the fandom. I like Amy. She's strong, determined and isn't afraid to stick up for herself or help others or innocent animals (SADX)."


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