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Aug 21st 2006: Suspended a member for five days due to continuous bashing even after being warned.


Aug 16th 2006: Deleted Sweet Freak's account by her request. Also locked a Knuxouge topic as there was already another existing.

Aug 14th 2006: Took away Flash's admin powers in case of hacking incident repeating, though still leaving him with moderator powers.

Aug 13th 2006: Forum was hacked. Reposted all 'Rules' topics and removed the 'Farewell' forum in favour of an Absense Sheet.


Aug 10th 2006: Added Speck_The_Rabbit as a moderator.

Jul 27th 2006: Added 'The Cool of L' as an affiliate.

Jul 25th 2006: Changed my name from Lily Aleena Hedgehog to Swift.


Jul 14th 2006: Added Angelwolf and Cascade as moderators.

Jul 1st 2006: Added Metal and Joe and Izzy as moderators.

Jun 29th 2006: Added SamCyberCat, Custard and Sable the Wolf as moderators.

Jun 27th 2006: Due to finding the RPG section full of M-rated RPs, the RPG section has had all topics removed.

May 13th 2006: Permanently banned a member after she continuously flamed and bashed, even after being warned.


Apr 28th 2006: The 'Love Triangles' forum was editted into a 'General Couple Talk' forum.


Apr 4th 2006: Added the Awards forum to Unbreakable Bonds.


Apr 2nd 2006: Added the Non-Sonic forum to Unbreakable Bonds. Sweet Freak's suspension was lifted.

Mar 23rd 2006: The Blazing Winds forum added as an affiliate.

Mar 1st 2006: Added the Forum Games forum to Unbreakable Bonds.

Feb 26th 2006: Added the RPG forum to Unbreakable Bonds.

Feb 17th 2006: Added the Happy Birthday forum to Unbreakable Bonds.


Feb 13th 2006: Removed the Spam/Random forum from Unbreakable Bonds. Also changed my name from 'ChrissieGirl' to 'Lily Aleena Hedgehog'.


Feb 12th 2006: Added Moderators and Super Moderators groups to the forum groups.


Feb 9th 2006: Changed my name from 'SonicsGurl4eva' to 'ChrissieGirl'.


Jan 14th 2006: The Black Roses forum added as an affiliate.


Jan 12th 2006The Triangles of Love, Cosails Forever and Sonamy 4 Always  forums added as affiliates. Also created a 'Requests' forum.


Jan 4th 2006: After the old UB was mysteriously deleted, Unbreakable Bonds is reborn.

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