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Espio and a fan character

Why do you support Tails/Fan Character?

Swift says: "Normally when it comes to Espio I like to leave him as a single man/furry/whatever. But I do happen to support one Espio/OC couple, and these days it takes a lot to get me to like official/fan couples. I support Mony the Echidna's Espio/Mony pairing. According to Mony, her OC is fairly naive and shy, which could really work well with the quiet, opinionated Espio. There's not much else I can say, but this is the only Espio/OC pairing I support. I used to have one of my own (Espio/Vera) but ditched Vera because I didn't like her all that much. So yeah, Espio/Mony." 

Angelwolf says: "Melody came along when I got really interested in Tikal/Chaos. One day I thought
Tikal and Chaos needed a daughter! Melody was born! Then I decided it would be fun to pair Melody up with someone. I thought about it and decided to pair her up with Espio! Espio was perfect! Those two are such opposites! And opposites attract!"

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