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The rad red echidna


Name: Knuckles
Age: 16

DOB: February 2nd
Gender: Male
Species: Echidna

Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994)
Likes: Being alone, practising his fighting skills
Dislikes: Thieves, heavy sunlight, being tricked, peer pressure


- He has pretty strong fists and can break boulders

- He can perform various attack techniques: Roll, Spin Attack, Spin Dash, Drill Claw and Thunder Arrow
- He can become Super (or Hyper) Knuckles if the Chaos Emeralds are gathered

- Experienced swimmer

- He can glide, climb and dig

Weapons and Items:
- Shovel Claw


- The Tempest – the car Knuckles drove in the Chaos Grand Prix (Sonic Drift 2)

- He is very gullible and easily-tricked

- He is very shy around women




Knuckles is stern and unmovable, compared to the mountain (making him opposite to Sonic who is like the wind). For as long as he could remember, he had been sat in front of the great Master Emerald, protecting it from harm and thieves. Due to this, he has been isolated from people for quite a long time, meaning he is anti-social, reclusive and a loner by nature. He has a short fuse, and on top of that he can also be egotistical and uncaring, making him a hard person to get along with in some situations. Adding to that, Knuckles is incredibly gullible, meaning he has turned against Sonic on some situations (though in some cases, Sonic finds it fun to fight Knuckles). If the Master Emerald is endangered, of if he has been duped, Knuckles' temper is a force to be reckoned with. Overall, Knuckles is a good guy and a loyal friend, but angering him is not a good idea.


Sonic X

An echidna born wild and tough, Knuckles is stubborn and has a one-track mind. On the outside he says that Sonic is his arch rival, but deep down, he merely envies Sonic's freedom. Both a world-renowned treasure hunter and martial arts master, Knuckles is capable of shattering solid rock with his bare fists.
 Not only does he guard the Master Emerald and consider it important, he also happens to have a small crush on Rouge, not that he would ever admit it, being a stubborn character.


Sonic Underground

Guardian of the Floating Island and the Chaos Emerald, Knuckles comes across as a little gullible, but nevertheless quite sweet. He has an honest personality, and develops a liking for Sonia. Knuckles will always be on hand to help whenever the Sonic Underground need him.


Sonic Anime

Knuckles is a treasure hunter and spends his time travelling, which has also made him very knowledgeable about the planet. He can have a short-temper, and makes sure to remember favors and slights. He is very shy around girls, especially Sera, the president's daughter.


Sonic Archie

Raised by his father from an early age to take on the responsibilities of guarding the Floating Island and the chaos emerald, Knuckles has gone through many problems - including thinking that he lost his father into the Forbidden Zone when he was only nine years old, fighting Sonic the Hedgehog on numerous occasions, multiple Chaos Emerald thiefs including Doctor Robotnik and Mammoth Mogul, discovering the existance of The Dark Legion, and even dealing with Enerjak - The ancient Echidna evil of history - who just so happens to be his great uncle several generations removed. Knuckles is very brave, but very short-tempered. He's hungry for answers to the way his world works and why he was chosen as the Guardian of Floating Island. Knuckles has made amends with Sonic and recieves aid in guarding the island by the Chaotix. Knuckles finds love in Julie-Su, the rogue pink echidna.


Sonic Fleetway

Gnarly and impatient, Knuckles doesn’t always see eye to eye with anyone, particularly Sonic. In fact, when they first met Knuckles was tricked by Doctor Robotnik into believing that Sonic and Tails were evil. Knuckles eventually learnt the truth and became an ally of Sonic’s, even though not the best of one they fought together several times although Knuckles grew tired of Sonic’s cocky attitude. Knuckles once joined Tails in the Nameless Zone, pretending to be Sonic, and was pleased to find that they didn't worship Sonic like everywhere else. Knuckles is also naive, predictable and rash.

Opinions on Knuckles the Echidna


Swift says: "I admit I do find myself annoyed by his gullibility, which is shown on and off, especially in Sonic X. It is partly because people expose his gullibility so much, that people started thinking that Knuckles could possibly be stupid, which he is not. I admire how he can be honest, no matter how gruff or rude he may be about it, and seeing as he's quite anti-social, that appeals to me because I can relate to him somehow."


Flash says: "His gullibility makes him a hilarious character, his 'clown' shoes are funny too. He's quite a cool character despite his temper."


Flyboy Fox says: "I also love Knuckles (I love all three of the original trio!), because... I dunno, I'm not even really sure! I guess there's just something endearing about his temper and short-fuse, combined with his too-trusting nature, and the heart of gold hidden beneath his tough exterior. He always just seems so awkward when he's trying to deal with sensitive things... it's just kinda cute. I also love the 'friendly' rivalry between him and Sonic... their competitiveness cracks me up. Much love for Rad Red."

Joe and Izzy says:
"Sorry some more. He is just a little on the rude side, and he is just too anti-social sometimes."

Custard says: "I find his gullibility can get quite annoying, but otherwise I like him. His hot-headed(ness) makes him quite a comical character."





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