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The princess and the mongoose

Names for the Couple: "Sallina" is the most popular one I can think of, though others use "Salmina". Whichever people find preferrable.


Age Gap: I read on a site that Mina was fifteen. The Sally I know of is fifteen as well, so that might mean no age gap is there. Unless she's older. So I'm guessing it's from zero to two years approximately.


Seme/Uke: Moreso Sally than Mina I think. But Sally might be nice enough to let Mina dominate every now and then.

Similarities: Both have had ties with Sonic for one thing, and both seem to like him. Plus, they consider each other friends, even if other people don't think that's the case. Both seem strong-willed and are Freedom Fighters...

Differences: Mina seems less confident than Sally, plus their physical abilities are to be noted possibly; the fact she is fast and is a great singer. However, Mina is not as successful as other freedom fighters and Sally seems very set in her ways. Plus Mina seems cheerful yet Sally seems angsty at times (from what I heard).


Why do people support this couple?

Swift says:
"Reasoning? You want reasoning? I'll give you reasoning XD. Anyway... it's cute, I can't deny that. Not only do they have ties with Sonic, but imagine the look on the blue hedgehog's face if he sees Sally and Mina dating! Mainly the reasons I support this are similar to the reasons I support Amy/Blaze... so that's all I can think of."


SamCyberCat says: "This was the first shojo-ai couple I ever started to like and oddly enough it wasn't for their connection to Sonic either. I liked this couple because of their interactions with each other. In the comic we see Sally and Mina have a steady friendship regardless of what fans think. They like one another and during the love triangle they respected that they each liked the hedgehog instead of getting up in each other's faces about it. So why like them as a couple when they could just stay friends? Because their relationship could extend further then that. When Mina slipped up while running after Sonic she was catch by Sally, and Sally held her hand for a few seconds after that. Not so much of a hint but it's still a cute little note. And maybe it's just me but it seemed Sally wanted to protect Mina from the harsh life that Freedom Fighters lead. Which is a sign that she cares for Mina whether it's in the romantic sense or not. And their personalities just seem to balance each other out. Sally is a born Freedom Fighter, set in her work and her ways, very logical and has her feet on the ground at all times. Mina, though she tries hard, often finds she's not as successful at the serious aspects of life as Sally is. However she is a very cheerful person to the point that she can make those around her cheerful too. Lately Sally has become a little depressed it would seem, perhaps she needs someone cheerful like Mina to get her back on track. And one the other side perhaps Mina needs someone level headed like Sally to stop her running too far down a wrong track. They could help each other a lot."

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