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The hints towards Sonic couples in Sonic X

These are all the couples hinted at in Sonic X, episode by episode.
Episode 1
 Tails/Amy is mildly hinted at, because of the fact that Amy and Tails were both riding in the X Tornado. In the dub, I don't recall Amy mentioning Sonic in the plane, and she seems quite friendly with our foxy friend. So a fairly mild Tails/Amy hint.
 A slight Eggman/Cream reference as well, though not a lot of people like it. I'm unsure of which version of Sonic X it was (between the dub and the original), but I recall Eggman calling Cream "Creamy Dreamy". Sonic/Cream is also mildly hinted at here, as it's Cream who Sonic is trying to rescue.
 I suppose Sonic/Sam would count as a visible couple hint when they race, but it looks more of a rivalry to me. Nevertheless, it was a hint at something. So yes, Sonic/Sam.
 Finally, the biggest couple hint and I'll bet you know what it is... Sonic/Chris. Of course, I'm referring to when Chris dived into the adult swimming pool and pulled Sonic out. Plus, Chris didn't seem to show any signs of fright or prejudice against Sonic, who was a completely different species to him. Yet he still made friends with him.

Episode 2
 Sonic/Chris hinted at mildly throughout the episode. At the beginning, it seems Chris has kindly allowed Sonic into his home, despite the fact that he was completely different to a normal hedgehog. When Sonic claimed he was leaving (after Chris said he was going to get crickets for him), he came back (how is unknown). Chris seemed determined to help Sonic when he decided to rescue Cream. Then there's the funny part at the end where Chris tells Sonic off for being reckless in rescuing Cream. So another few hints at this couple throughout the episode.
 Hints are also directed towards Sonic/Cream, as once again, Sonic is trying to rescue Cream. Cream, nevertheless, is pleased to see Sonic and says that it was his good luck that turned off the power. The whole rescue seems to give off little hints of Sonic and Cream.
 Two very tiny couple hints turned up at the part where Tails appeared in the Tornado; Sonic/Tails and Tails/Cream. Sonic/Tails because Tails said he helped but Sonic was the real hero. Later on in the garage he proudly stated he was Sonic's best friend and Sonic seemed perfectly happy to agree. Tails/Cream because Cream was in awe that it was Tails who helped them out of that place.

Episode 3
 Knuckles/Amy was probably the couple hinted at most strongly in this episode. They're wandering through the sewers together at the beginning of the episode, and even though they were acting as though they were irritated of each other, Amy stuck with Knuckles. Knuckles confessed that he had to return to Angel Island and the Master Emerald. When Amy went up to whack MissileWrist about, Knuckles got worried for her. When she was held hostage, she called for Knuckles to save her. Plus, she seemed fairly disappointed that he was not able to go with them to Chris' place.
 Sonic/Amy was also hinted at. At the beginning when Amy and Knuckles wandered the sewers, Amy stuck up for Sonic while Knuckles harped on about how he sent them here. Amy showed fear for Sonic's safety when he battled MissileWrist and didn't hesitate in glomping him when he turned out okay.
 Sonic/Chris is very mildly hinted at. When Sonic's exploring, Chris panicks and decides to bring him back. Because he doesn't want Sonic to be captured and held prisoner like Cream and Cheese were most likely.

Episode 4
 Sonic/Chris is once again hinted at. Chris tries to get the emerald, and Sonic saves him when he suffers a long drop. Chris then apologizes to Sonic for nearly losing it, but Sonic was perfectly fine with it. Chris blushed (well, it looked like he did).
Tails/Amy is also very mildly hinted at, as they're both in the plane. They both seem to rely on each other here.

Episode 5
 Knuckles/Eggman is the first couple that springs to my mind in this episode. Eggman crawls to Knuckles and begs for his help. Knuckles, being gullible, buys it. Not really a couple hint but a hint nonetheless that deserves to be pointed out.
 Slight Chris/Tails hint, when Chris carries Tails over his shoulder and they're laughing about how they have "fooled" Ella.
 Knuckles/Sonic is hinted at when they fight. Their rivalry certainly is amusing to no ends, and when Knuckles discovers Eggman is lying, he helps Sonic. Sonic even ran off and grabbed Knuckles to save him. And when they dropped to the ground, Knuckles and Sonic smile at each other.
 Sonic/Amy is once again hinted at, both when Amy asks Sonic to come along to Silver Valley with them, saying they'll have a picnic and when Sonic refuses she gets a bit miffed about it. Then after he saves the gang, Amy glomps on him crying her eyes out, saying she knew Sonic would come and save her.
 Then there's a Knuckles/Amy hint at the end. As Knuckles walks away, Amy pursues and flirts with him. Knuckles gets a bit... miffed about that as well.
Episode 6
A Sonic/Amy hint kicks off the episode when Sonic returns from a run. In the dub, she thinks to herself about how dreamy he is. A few mild Tails/Amy hints as well, because they tend to be together a lot in this episode. A mild Eggman/himself hint as well... when nobody accepts the badges with his face on it, he wears it himself.

Episode 7
 A few Chris/Cream hints in this episode. Chris tells Cream not to wander around where people can see her, thus trying to keep her safe. When he sees Cream helping out when she shouldn't have been, he tries to tell her to stay out of sight (before being interrupted by Tanaka). When Cream puts herself in plain sight of Ella and Mr. Stewart, Chris tells Cream to pretend she's a toy. When Chris says he wishes his mother had stayed and that it was rude that she had left, Cream gets angry. Despite that, she still makes him a flower crown later and Chris seems happy that Cream still considers him a friend. Chris/Cream has to be the biggest hinted couple in this episode.
 Cream/Ella is also hinted at, because in the dub, Ella said that Cream was a dear and was actually upset because she was so sure that Cream's mother missed her terribly.
 There's also a little chat between Sonic and Chris which could pass off as a minor Sonic/Chris hint. And a little Tails/Cream at the beginning, as Tails recalls seeing Cream pick flowers for her mother in their world. A little Sonic/Cream as well, because Sonic goes out of his way to bring some flowers back for her so she could make flower crowns.
Episode 8
 Very minor Tails/Amy hint at the beginning when Amy brings in an apple pie which she says is for Sonic. Tails seemed very eager to devour that one instead of the one Ella made.
 Sonic/Tails hinted at a bit as well, considering they were the two who went up to face Eggman. When they failed the first time, Sonic seemed to have a lot of confidence in Tails that he would fix the plane up.
 Very slight Chris/Tails hints as Chris offers to help Tails with the Tornado's adjustments at some point. Plus Tails put in the extra two seats after Chris suggests it. When Sonic freezes, Chris had to trust Tails when he told him what to do to unfreeze their blue hedgehog friend.
 Two slight Sonic/Amy hints too. When Sonic battles Eggman (the second time I think), Amy compliments on how brave he is while watching it on television. Later when Sonic is warming up, Amy had made him ice cream, unaware that Sonic wanted warmth :P

Episode 9
 It's safe to say that Sonic/Amy is the most hinted couple in this episode. When Sonic says he wasn't going to the beach with them, Amy was no doubt disappointed. Even when she was wandering the beach, she daydreamed and wished Sonic was there with her to enjoy it too. Overhearing a couple and seeing a lucky shell bracelet, Amy makes one for Sonic. When Sonic was getting dragged into the ocean, Amy saved him. Then she presented him with the bracelet and it was clear Sonic was moved. As he was going to take it, the bracelet got smashed by Eggman's robot. Amy went into rage and beat the robot up, nearly drowning. Sonic actually dove in after her despite his fear and weakness when it came to water. Amy was no doubt upset thinking the bracelet had been destroyed, but the end of the episode showed Sonic wearing it, repaired and all. 
 A minor hint was directed at Tails/Cream too, when Tails and Cream tried to make a sandcastle together. Then there were a few hints at Amy/Cream, like when Cream got concerned when Amy got upset about the bracelet.
Episode 10
 I suppose there are hints at Tails/Albert in this episode, but it's hard to say. The two got on well enough after Albert got over the shock of Tails' appearance. Minor Knuckles/Tails hint, when Knuckles saves Tails from being Eggman-bait.
 Also a hint at Cream and one of Eggman's robots on the baseball team, because she makes herself look pretty to help the team. In the original, there seemed to be a blush there, though that might have been from the robot's vision. Also a Sonic/Chris hint, because Chris feels unconfident about playing the game, and Sonic restores his confidence with encouraging words. A minor Knuckles/Sonic hint when Knuckles smashes the bomb on Sonic's head near the end.

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