Blaze the Cat
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Heeerre kitty! The fire cat of the Sonic games!


Name: Blaze

Age: 14

DOB: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Cat

Debut: Sonic Rush (2005)
Likes: Being on her own and making sure the Sol Emeralds are safe
Dislikes: When the spotlight is on her and when someone attempts to steal the Sol Emeralds


- She has fire powers and can use them in any way she pleases

- Blaze is not as fast as Sonic, but still quite quick on her feet
- She can harness the power of the Sol Emeralds to become Super


Weapons and Items: None


Vehicles: None


-   Very anti-social and timid around other’s company

-   She has a fear of heights




From the start, Blaze has always been a shy, unreasonably serious and extremely anti-social individual. She was oblivous to what it meant to have friends and to have others care for her due to being isolated in her other dimension, choosing to guard the Sol Emeralds. Although timid to a fault, she is very stubborn and untrusting of others. Much like Knuckles, if anyone so much as looks at the Sol Emeralds in the wrong way, Blaze will not be happy about it. She hates having the spotlight on her, preferring to fade into the crowd unnoticed instead. These days she is more friendly and understands the meaning of friendship, though she is still reclusive. After all, she can't afford to make friends with the wrong people. She generally was more loosened up in next-gen without loosing the serious nature, and was best friends with Silver, but is still the Blaze fans know and love.


Opinions on Blaze the Cat:


Swift says: “My opinion has been up and down and all over the place about Blaze. I didn't like her portrayal in Sonic Rush that much and there were Blaze purists who attacked a friend of mine because she didn't like her. However, Sonic next-gen has portrayed her a little better than Rush did and since her sacrifice at the end of Silver's story was quite touching, it pushed her onto my neutral list.”


Flash says: I hate the wars that’s caused because of this character but I don't know much about her so I think it's a bit unfair to put her in my dislike list purely because of the wars.


Flyboy Fox says: "Blaze and Jet. Two characters that just... don't hold much interest at all for me. They're both fast. Sonic has so many rivals who are fast now... his special ability seems hardly worth it."




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