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Wave and what other girl?

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: "I support a few Wave couples myself. Seeing as I already covered the hetero ones, I'll go on to say the three yuri couples I support Wave in are Amy/Wave, Rouge/Wave and Cream/Wave. For Amy/Wave there is a little rivalry between them (I know that Wave's rivalry was mainly with Tails, but still) if you've ever played the Babylon story, in the second race you need to beat Amy while playing Wave. That's probably a bit of rivalry. And it's pretty much obvious that Amy doesn't think much of Wave, especially after she dissed Tails. Amy/Wave is something a bit like Amy/Rouge to me... I could see it starting out as a fierce rivalry where they don't like each other much and begin to love each other as they spend time together... possibly get into a few races.

With Rouge/Wave, its similar to Jet/Rouge in that they're both thieves. So they can relate to each other and possibly steal gems together (until they start arguing about who gets what). Also, Wave is said to have the 'bitch factor' out of all the girls. Rouge would probably come second in bitchiness I suppose, when you think about it. They both also have that sexy look about them, and also seem to be the two smartest out of the SEGA girls and possibly the most cunning.

And with Cream/Wave, it's another one of those very good random pairings that I like. Very opposites-attract, since Cream is gentle and kind, and Wave can be pretty bitchy. The age gap might put people off, but the classic 'when they are older' excuse always flies with me. Plus in Wave's missions, Cream's the one you usually pull tricks with so that might lead to some interaction?"

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