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Storm the Albatross with which male?

Why do people support these couples?


Swift says: "For Storm/Jet... well, Storm is Jet's right-hand man and is truly loyal to his boss. Whatever task Jet wants carried out, he'll do it. He most likely doesn't seem the type to ask questions about it... in his eyes, he probably believes that Jet knows what he's doing. That is a sign of trust to me. And Jet... well, we know he's relaxed, but it could also be a sign that he trusts that Storm won't fail him. While Wave was worried that Storm would mess up, Jet was completely relaxed about it. Trust is a very good thing to have in a relationship, and these two definitely seem to trust each other. Plus they're Babylon Rogues and are thieves so... similarities. And the other yaoi pairing; Storm/Knuckles... rivalry yaoi! Much like Jet/Sonic, Storm/Knuckles is basically a good couple for their rivalry and slight similarities. Both of them are considered powerful. Knuckles would also probably never betray Sonic nor would Storm betray Jet. So it's kinda a forbidden romance to me. Rivalry turning into friendship before becoming love. And in my eyes, Storm's not that much of a tough guy once you get to know him. A real softie he could be if he found someone he really loved."

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