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The clever two-tailed fox


Name: Miles Prower (nicknamed Tails)
Age: 8

DOB: October 16th
Gender: Male
Species: Two-tailed fox

Debut: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Game Gear), 1992
Likes: Tinkering with machines, Sonic, going on adventures
Dislikes: Feeling useless, thunder and lightning, injustice


- He can fly with his two tails

- Can perform various attacks: Roll, Spin Attack and Spin Dash

- Can become Super Tails (Turbo Tails in the Archie universe) with the Chaos Emeralds

Weapons and Items:

- Jet Anklet – Enables Tails to fly farther

- Rhythm Badge – Lets Tails perform a Rapid Tails attack


- The Tornado 2 – The upgraded version of the Tornado, which Tails uses more

- The Whirlwind S-7 – The car Tails used in the Chaos Grand Prix (Sonic Drift)

- He is scared of thunder/lightning

- He sometimes lacks confidence in himself

- He can babble on too much sometimes





Ever since he first met Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower has always strived hard to imitate and be like his best friend. Tails is extremely loyal, sweet-natured and slightly submissive with a huge knack for tinkering and building machines, such as the Tornado 2. However Tails does not really recognize his true potential, and does not treat the fact that his skills rival that of Eggman's as a big deal. As of recently, Tails has become slightly more independent and more confident in himself. Even though he works hard to impress his blue buddy, Sonic already is aware of how helpful Tails really is, in both his ability to invent helpful gadgets and in his positive attitude. Tails is quite motivated - if there is a task that needs to be done, Tails has become determined enough to complete it.


Sonic X:
A two-tailed fox with a passion for machinery, Tails is only matched by Dr. Eggman in his mechanical prowess but has yet to fully realize his potential as an inventor and mechanic. He has the utmost respect for Sonic and helps him in any way he can. Tails has the ability to fly by spinning his two tails as quickly as possible.

 He falls in love with Cosmo in season 3, and while heartbroken by her death, knows that he can still be with her regardless of whether or not she's dead and he's alive.


Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

Originally not a Freedom Fighter, Tails used to hang around the main Knothole Freedom Fighters a lot as Sally read stories to him and he spent a lot of time playing with Sonic. Despite not being a Freedom Fighter, his closeness to the group enabled him to do and figure out key things the others missed (such as being the only to notice the fake Sally in Knothole). During the second season, he took lessons from Bunnie in martial arts, Sally trained him in computers, and Sonic took him on training missions in the Great Forest as he began his development to officially become a Freedom Fighter. When he came up with the plan that gave the Freedom Fighters a minor advantage over Robotnik, Sally finally granted Tails an official spot on the team.


Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog:

Tails is a very sweet, kind-natured kid who looks up to Sonic as his big brother and hero. Tails goes everywhere with Sonic and sees him as his big brother, in a similar way as Sonic sees Tails as his little brother. When Sonic gets in trouble, Tails will rest at nothing to save him. Tails is also quite clever, though not as much as his SEGA/Sonic X self. He can lack confidence at times but he always tries his hardest at everything he does.

Sonic Anime:

The two-tailed fox is the technological whiz kid and rivals Robotnik in the area. He can fly and he hates thunder, like most kids. Tails, while looking up to Sonic, is very independent in his own right.  

Sonic Archie:

Tails seemed to have been abandoned after his parents were roboticized as a little kid, but even as a baby he was fond of Sonic and has hung out with Sonic, Sally, Rotor and Antoine from a very young age. Since then, he has grown older, now being able to go on many missions with the main group. His two tails has been of invaluable assistance to the Freedom Fighters as well. Tails idolizes Sonic and wants to be like him. Ironically, Tails has been revealed to be the Chosen One, and is supposed to be the greatest hero of his time, greater even than Sonic. Tails is outgoing and is the kind of person who can make a friend with anybody. He's also committed to his cause and gets very determined to do his job when he takes part in missions, resulting in an extreme bravery. When infused with enough Chaos Energy, Tails has the ability to become Turbo Tails. As Turbo Tails, all of his natural abilities are enhanced. He is also invincible to all attacks, and glows a dark orange color. Tails is a member of the "Brain Trust" subdivision of the Freedom Fighters.

Sonic Fleetway:

Tails first met Sonic when the Hedgehog saved his life by heaving him out of a swamp through one of his two tails, after demonstrating that he could fly Sonic soon became his friend and hero and Tails stuck with him in the fight against Doctor Robotnik. Neither as fast or strong as Sonic he stuck by the more adept hedgehog and helped as often as he could. Tails joined Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis in a trip to the Special Zone where Sonic showed them the truth about Doctor Robotnik and Kintobar, and with the others he was also dragged forwards in time whilst Robotnik took over.

  Tails sent letters home but they got the wrong end of the stick. They believed that Tails was the hero and Sonic was the sidekick and Tails hasn't yet set them straight. The Nameless Zone continuously summoned him to defeat Trogg alongside Moraine Blackthorne and Errol. Tails had become the famous Zonerunner and he is a great asset to the team. Though Sonic acts like he doesn't appreciate Tails efforts by being rude to him but deep down he does.

Opinions on Miles "Tails" Prower


Swift says: "I used to adore Tails as a child, but I got bored of him. Last year I got back into him when I watched Sonic X season 3. Some people call it 'OOC', I call it character development. It was honestly so beautiful the way Tails felt about Cosmo that it led me to like him again. Then there's his brains, he's the one who normally helps the gang out of a sticky situation. So yes, he sort of became a favourite again through Sonic X, the last place people expected likely."


Flash says: "One of my faves, despite his awful voice. His brains, support and determination make him a great character."


Flyboy Fox says: "My second-favourite character. My initial reasons for liking him are probably pretty shallow. He's a fox, and I've been fascinated by foxes forever. He also loves technology and aviation, loves mint candy, hates thunderstorms... all things that are true for me too. So when I found out all this stuff about him, I guess I was just kinda like, "Cool!". But I admire his character too. He's really motivated, dedicated and loyal. He works hard. That's something I respect a lot. He's also kind of a geek (I mean that in the kindest way!), plus he can fly! Yeah, Tails is pretty awesome. I hope he doesn't get phased out of the Sonic fandom by people who think he isn't badass enough to be 'cool'."

Joe and Izzy says: "He is so far my favouite character. He is sweet, smart, and really polite. If I write a fanfiction, it almost always will have him as one of the main characters."

Custard says: "Tails is next in line of my favourite characters. For ages, I've loved foxes and am actually strongly against Fox Hunting. If anything, Tails' determination and care for others (see Episode 77 of Sonic X) is what gives him an A grade to me."



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