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Did Blaze kiss Sonic in Sonic Rush?
Not at all. They merely shook hands at the end of Sonic Rush, nothing more. The evidence (aka, the endings for Sonic Rush, so if you don't want to be spoiled I would not click these links) is here:

JAPANESE VERSION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNxCcsrerEk
ENGLISH VERSION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0xtfc08_c0


Is there a Sonic X Season 4?

It is unknown. Rumours have been flying around that there is going to be a Sonic X Season 4, but the truth of the matter is, it hasn't been confirmed. So we don't know if there is going to be a Season 4 or not. Long story short though, it's highly unlikely.


What is Amy's Hammer Trick?

Tough question. No one really knows. There have been several theories on it though. I mean, it appears out of nowhere whenever Amy wants it to and though it doesn't look powerful, it packs a serious punch. It's one of life's mysteries and we can only guess about it. The only thing that comes to mind here is Hammerspace.


Are the Sonic games all the same?

No. True, some of them have the same concept, running, collecting rings and defeating enemies, but they aren't all the same. Different zones in different games, different enemies (though it is mostly Eggman) and plus, some of the games didn't even feature running. Sonic Battle and Sonic the Fighters were games that featured fighting, not running through zones. Besides, the running through zones was what catapulted Sonic to fame in the first place.


What happened in Amy's past?

In the games and Sonic X, we don't know. Some say her past is more mysterious than Shadow's! No one really knows where she came from. In Archie, she had a past. Living in Mercia with her cousin Rob O' The Hedge, the area got taken over and Rob sent Amy to Knothole where she would be safe. In any other series, it's unknown really. Chances are likely that her past was probably nothing special but since it's unknown, fans are free to speculate. =/


Why does Amy chase Sonic?

Because she loves him. She isn't an annoying stalker like people make her out to be. She 'supposedly' loves him, so she pursues his affections. Amy was designed to be the girl in love with the main hero, that's one of her purposes in the series. As for whether or not she will settle down with Sonic, it's unlikely judging by what Yuji Naka's statement was regarding these two. But it looks like Amy's going to keep chasing Sonic and fans are still free to speculate.


Is Sonic scared of water or is it just a weakness?

He is indeed scared of it in Sonic Underground and in Sonic X. SatAM and AoStH I don't know about but if anyone else does, feel free to let me know. In the games, it is merely a weakness, not a fear. So it's different in the various series.


Why is Sonic blue?

As to that, I do not truly know, though I do have a theory. Back in 1991, blue was the prime colour for males. When a lot of people saw the colour blue, they thought it'd be better suited for males. Sonic was the first male besides Robotnik to enter the series and they probably followed the 'blue = male' fact which is probably why Sonic is blue. It's also probably the reason why Amy might be pink; because pink is seen as the prime colour for females and Amy was the first proper female in the games' series. It's only a theory though and it probably isn't correct.


Why is Tails called Miles ‘Tails’ Prower? Why not just Tails?

I found out about this while reading Tails’ profile at Concept Mobius (an excellent Sonic site I recommend to anyone). When Tails was created, he was originally going to be known as just Tails the Fox. His creator, Yasushi Yamaguchi, had originally named him Miles, and he liked that name more, so managed to put that name into the graphics of Sonic 2. He got things his way and Tails was named Miles ‘Tails’ Prower. Or at least that’s how Concept Mobius tells it.


Does Amy abuse Cream?

 Amy and Cream have what is seen as a ‘sisterly’ relationship. If you have a sister (or a sibling in general) then you’ll know that you cannot always get along with them. It’s the same with Amy and Cream. Yes, they are best friends and act like sisters at times, but they can not always be chummy with each other. At one point, one of them is going to say something to upset the other. In Sonic Rush, when Cream introduced Amy to Blaze, let’s not forget that she said Amy was a bit delusional. Naturally Amy took offence to that. Cream being simple-minded, didn’t know it would be offensive. Amy chased Cream, but did not hit her.

 Now to cross the Shadow the Hedgehog border; when Cream wandered off into that castle, Amy had fear and worry in her voice. She even went off on her own, in a creepy castle to look for her. A lot of people believed her to be at the entrance of the castle waiting for help; she wasn’t. She was actually inside the castle looking for Cream when Shadow turned up. Even if Shadow doesn’t help her, Amy does manage to find Cream and Cheese by herself.


Is it Robotnik or Eggman?

Strangely enough, it’s both. When the very first Sonic game was released in the US and UK, we knew of Eggman as Ivo Robotnik. That is his real name. The name “Eggman” first appeared in Sonic Adventure when Sonic called him it, though Eggman was referred to as Robotnik. The name Eggman then appeared in games after that. Eggman is seen as a nickname for him. Ivo Robotnik is his real name so both of those names are canon.


Are echidnas really an endangered species?

Yeah, they are. In the real world, echidnas are supposedly an endangered species, which was probably where the ‘Knuckles is the last of his kind’ idea might have stemmed from. I'm unsure on that though.


Is Rouge a slut?

Her outer appearance suggests she is, but deep down, she has a whole different personality and she has shown genuine care towards characters such as Shadow for example.


Should Manic the Hedgehog return?

In the games, it will never happen. Manic is Sonic Underground only material from what I know of and the chances of him appearing in a game are little to zero. If a new Sonic Underground series were to happen, then that’s where Manic would be.


Why does Tails have a super form?

Good question. Even I don’t know why Tails was given a super form back in the classic days. The others are fairly obvious to me.

 Sonic is the hero of all, who can use the Chaos Emeralds. It’s a bit obvious that he can turn super. Shadow is the ultimate life-form with abilities matching Sonic, so naturally he can go super. Blaze is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds; naturally she should be able to go super. Knuckles, in the classic days, could go super too. He was not only the guardian of the Master Emerald back then, he also guarded the Super Emeralds. So, he could turn super back then (even though his and Tails’ super forms were scrapped I think).

 But Tails… I don’t know. I never really saw a point in giving Tails a super form. As far as I know, back in the classic days, unlike Sonic and Knuckles, he had no real ties with the Chaos Emeralds. He merely tagged along behind Sonic. In Archie, it’s understandable because he’s the Chosen One. But in the games, it's unknown.


Where did the name Vanilla come from?
Her name was first established as Vanilla in Sonic X. However, it is unknown as to whether or not the name is canon in the games, as it has never been mentioned. Most people tend to refer to her as "Cream's mom". Plus her name appeared in the Sonic Advance 2 manual.


Why does Knuckles guard the Master Emerald?

A mystery that will probably never be solved. The first person to have involvement with the Master Emerald was Tikal, and she is supposedly one of Knuckles' ancesters. Maybe there's a link there.

Where does the Sonic Advance storylines take place?

Sonic Advance could take place before or after the Sonic Adventure series, when is unknown. Sonic Advance 2 must have happened before Sonic Heroes as well, because that was when Cream made her first appearance. None of the other characters knew her in that game, but in Heroes they did. Sonic Advance 3 may have happened before Sonic Heroes or after, because Cream seemed to know Amy in both games. Though it seems likely that the third Advance game took place after the events of Sonic Battle.


Didn't Shadow hate the use of guns and weaponry before ShtH?
As far as I know, he hated them being used for the wrong reasons or it might have been because he feels he himself is a weapon. Plus Shadow has or had amnesia, so he might have possibly forgotten he disliked them. Though it's unknown. Blame Sega/Sonic Team for the plotholes. XD


Why was Cream in Sonic Adventure: DX?
Cream was very popular in Japan, so she had a cameo in the game. A lot of people say it was pointless, but in some way, it did raise her popularity.


Why was Amy's age and appearance changed?
There was nothing wrong with the old Amy, and it is unknown to us why Amy was changed. One can only guess. Part of the reason might have been to appeal to girly audiences more by making Amy look more feminine. Plus Amy has a crush on Sonic. In the classic days she was about eight or ten, and Sonic was sixteen. They could have raised her age to make the crush Amy has on Sonic a little bit more realistic with a smaller age gap. But as I said, we can only guess. We may never know.


Has Big been scrapped?
It is doubtful, seeing as Sonic Channel still posts official art of Big. However, at the rate things are going, Big might end up scrapped unless he makes another appearance in a game.

Do the games and Sonic X have relation?
No. A lot of people believe that Sonic X and the games are the same universe. They are not. Cosmo, Chris and other Sonic X exclusive characters do not and have never existed in the games (the only thing that ever came close was a cameo in Sonic Adventure: DX) and it is highly doubtful that they ever will.


What about Cream's dad?
There has never been mention of Cream's dad. It appears Sega only created Cream's mother. So Cream's father only exists in fanon.

What is Sonic's world really called; Earth or Mobius?
It depends on what universe you're talking about. If you're referring to the games and/or Sonic X, it's Earth. If it's Archie, Fleetway, Sonic Underground, SatAM or AoStH then it's Mobius. As for OVA, they live on a planet called Planet Freedom.


Why did Amy not recognize Espio in Sonic Heroes when she has faced him before in Sonic the Fighters?
They're just little inconsistancies. There is no real explanation for this. A possible explanation could be that a lot of time had passed since Sonic the Fighters, so they might not recognize each other. But there's no real explanation. Once again, enter the plotholes of doom. XD

Was Amy created as a replacement for Sally?
No. Amy made her first appearance in 1992, in a Japanese comic as the girlfriend of Nikki (Sonic). It was then that she was put into the games and Sonic CD was released in 1993.  Sally made her first appearance, I believe, in the same year that Sonic CD was released, in SatAM. So to my knowledge in actual fact, Amy (or at least the prototype of her that was used in the manga before Sega decided to use her design) was created before Sally was, so she is hardly a replacement at all. Or you could say they both appeared in the same year, whichever takes your fancy.


Do the characters age?
The ages have been changed in the past but it is unlikely they age naturally. If that were the case then Tails would be older than Knuckles! It's doubtful they age naturally in the games.


Where did Sega get the idea for chao?
It is unknown, but they could have possibly got the idea off of Pokemon or Tamagotchi. Or they could've been based off of the creatures in Klonoa.


What happened to Mighty?

That isn't known for sure. It's possibly likely that Sega just scrapped him. There are heavy rumours saying that Mighty's creator left Sega taking the copyrights to Mighty and Ray with him, but that's been confirmed to be a hoax. Supposedly Sonic Team considered using Mighty for Power Formation in Sonic Heroes but could not find a way to make him look with the new art style, so they used Vector instead. Adding to that, artwork of Mighty was in Sonic Gems Collection.

Who is faster; Sonic or Shadow?
Both seem to share super speed. Though in Sonic Battle Shadow moved faster, that was probably just because he had jet shoes which aided him, so without them, they'd either move at the same speed as Sonic or Shadow would be slower since Sonic's speed is completely natural and without assistance from jet shoes.

What happened to the robots after Gamma and before Omega?
Another question where nobody knows. The most reasonable guess was that they've been destroyed or deactivated, as Omega is the last of the series, and no signs of any other of the E-100 series after Gamma was destroyed appeared.


Why were Knuckles and Sonic's ages changed?
Possibly because it was reasoned that Knuckles was more mature than Sonic. That could be a possible reason as to why they did it.

How can Blaze run at quick speeds with high heels on?
No idea, but Blaze must be adjusted to running with heels otherwise she'd never manage it. PLOTHOLES OF DOOM. >:D


In SA2B at the end, who won the race; Sonic or Shadow?
It is unknown, considering it depends on who you are playing. Judging by the storyline endings, and the beginning of the last story, it would seem likely that Sonic won, as he managed to get to the cannon in time, and nothing showed Shadow reaching it.

When did Amy first appear?
Contrary to popular belief, Amy's first appearance was NOT in Sonic CD. That was her debut in the games, yes, but she did appear before that somewhere else. Amy was a character in a 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog manga, before Sonic CD was released. After the manga was published, Kazayuki Hoshino redesigned her and featured her in Sonic CD.

Why does Amy have the same name as Sally in the US Sonic CD manual?
Because the people that made that manual either messed up or they wanted it to tie in with the SatAM cartoon. The reason why she was later named Amy Rose was because since the Archie comics owned the rights to Sally Acorn's character, they wouldn't allow her to be named Sally unless Amy was changed into a squirrel.

Was Sonic created in Japan?
Sonic was created when SEGA was still based in Hawaii, even though the creators were under Japanese names. Sonic was created by Naoto Ohshima.

Which characters did Yuji Naka create?
Yuji Naka, to my knowledge, did not create any characters. When he was a member of SEGA, he produced the games, and had nothing to do with the designing of the characters.

If it wasn't made by Sega, does it make it unofficial?
This is mainly an excuse used to hate Archie characters, SatAM characters, and Sonic Underground characters by Sega Purists. However, even if it was not produced by SEGA, it doesn't stop it from being official. The characters in the games are copyright to SEGA, so of course they need permission to use them. The reason why Archie, SatAM, SU, Fleetway etc exist is because they have obtained permission by SEGA to use the Sonic characters, which means that while they might not be completely canon to the games, they are still official.

Why isn't there a section for couple bashing?

Because I, for one, find couple bashing to be a complete waste of time, and silly. It took me a while to come around to disliking couple/character bashing. In the Sonic fandom especially, people can get quite defensive over pairings they support and if a hater says why they don't like the pairing, a flame war might break out. There is a chance to say what couples you don't like on the forum, but that's the only place I'm afraid. On this site? Dream on. Couple bashing art and fanfiction won't be found here ever.
What exactly is a "couple extremist"?
Someone who takes their support of a couple too far would be the best definition. Couples are meant to be something fun in the fandom, but no. There are people known as "extremists" who take their support seriously. Some of them aren't extremists if they take it seriously, but you are an extremist if you take action about it. You might be an extremist if you have more than one of the following symptoms:
  • You may feel urges to flame someone who doesn't like the pairing you like, or likes the pairing you dislike.
  • You may not respect the opinions of others.
  • You may be prone to forcing your opinion on others.
  • You may keep talking about your like/hate for a couple in front of others constantly as if it's all that matters.
  • You may hate a character because it "interferes" with a couple you support. For example, you might hate Sally because she "interferes" with Sonic/Amy, you might hate Cosmo because she "interferes" with Tails/Cream, you might hate Amy because she "interferes" with Sonic/Shadow.
  • You may treat the couples you support as "canon" (meaning that you believe they are the only pairings that actually happened).
  • You may support a couple to get one character out of the way. For example, supporting Shadow/Amy to get Amy out of the way of "interfering" with Sonic/Blaze or Sonic/Mina.
  • You may get more defensive over a pairing than you should do.
  • You may make multiple clubs that hate people that hate what you like, in other words, hate-anti clubs.
  • You may look at things your fellow fans say to people who dislike the couple you like and find it okay. In other words, you might find a fan of a couple you support saying that a hater of the couple you like should die and you think it's okay. If you find it okay when you see fellow fans insulting haters of what you like, you could probably be defined as extremist.

How can I prevent myself from being a couple extremist?
By not doing all the things listed as symptoms of extremism. Putting it simply:

  • Respect opinions, first and foremost. Everyone is entitled to one so let everyone have one. Not everyone has to like/hate what you do. If they did, the world would be very boring.
  • Never flame someone because they think differently. Even if they're bashing a couple you like, don't flame. Flaming is a level you should never stoop to. Even if someone has flamed you, don't flame them back. You're lowering yourself to their low level.
  • Don't force your opinion on others all the time. Express it normally, but don't harp on about it all the time.
  • If you have to like/dislike a character/couple, make sure it is for a good reason. Simply hating a character because he or she gets in the way of a couple you like is no doubt extremist. Liking a couple because it gets a character out of the way so another couple you like can commence is a bit odd. Find good reasons to support/dislike things.
  • Try not to get too defensive over a pairing. It's not real. None of the pairings are. The characters aren't even real.
  • Try to avoid making hate-anti clubs (clubs which dislike/bash people who don't like the things you like). They only make you look silly. One might be let off, but multiple clubs which are hate-anti make you look stupid.
  • Remember that none of the couples are "canon". None of the couples are superior over others. Just because they have more hints than others, doesn't mean they're better. All couples are equal.

How can you tell the difference between couple bashing and expressing why you don't like a couple?
Easily. Simply saying why you don't like a couple calmly is not, and has never been couple bashing, regardless of the fact that a lot of people assume it is. If I said I didn't like a couple, and explained why, that would be expressing my opinion, without bashing it. However, if someone continuously poked fun at the couple, said it "sucked" all the time, and didn't give a proper reason, then it would probably be defined as bashing. A lot of people say our forum bashes couples, when in fact we merely express why we do or do not like them. So there is the difference between couple bashing and expressing opinion.

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