Rouge the Bat
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The sly cunning bat girl


Name: Rouge
Age: 17

DOB: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Bat

Debut: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Likes: Jewels, treasure hunting, having things her way, and flirting with Knuckles.
Dislikes: When things don’t go her way, when she fails to obtain a certain jewel, getting a challenge when she really doesn’t want one. Amy tends to get on Rouge’s nerves a bit as well.


- Being a bat, she can fly (obviously)

- She can perform Black Wave, Spin Jump, Drill Drive and Spiral Upper attacks.
- Experienced swimmer

- Has very powerful kick attacks

- She is able to dig and tunnel

- She can climb nearly any material

- Talented with most types of Extreme Gear

 Weapons and Items:

- Pick Nails

- Iron Boots

- Treasure Scope


- A nameless white cart that Rouge used to pursue Tails in Sonic Adventure 2


- Can sometimes be easily side-tracked when a tempting opportunity arises




Fearless, bewitching, and overflowing with feminine charm is possibly one the best ways to describe Rouge, and she uses those three things to get what she wants, which are in most cases, jewels. She is a treasure hunter by nature and has devoted her time to possessing as many precious gems as she can get her hands on. If she sees something she likes the look of, she'll go to any lengths to get it. She especially likes large gems, which is potentially what led to her clashing with Knuckles over the Master Emerald. Rouge often comes off as careless (due to her occasional smirk and vain conduct) whereas she is in fact cunning, calculative and scheming. She takes her job as a treasure hunter seriously. While she may not seem like she cares about others though, she has proven that she is capable of caring for other people.


Sonic X

Rouge the Bat is a world famous treasure hunter. She is certainly a daring character, willing to take risks and is fairly voluptuous. Her policy though is that duty comes first, but she has a big interest in jewels and can sometimes get side-tracked when a tempting offer comes her way. Her figure, speech, and behaviour leads people to believe she is little more than a slut, but it all masks the true personality she has deep down; a girl who wants respect. She also has a crush on Knuckles, and enjoys flirting with him.


Sonic Archie

Rouge is a treasure hunter who loves jewels. She is occasionally employed by the President of Station Square to go on special missions as Rouge is one of his best agents. On a botched mission, Bunnie went to rescue her, but Rouge mistook Bunnie for a cyborg and the two fought for awhile until Sonic cleared the misunderstanding. Later on, Rouge appealed to Evil Sonic, and after Evil Sonic had his banter amongst all the females of Knothole, he flew away in Rouge’s arms…


Opinions on Rouge the Bat


Swift says: "Yes, she's not 'cute' like most girls are. But she cannot be stereotyped. Most people look at her and instantly think 'she's a slut' but in all honesty, she only looks like a slut. Her personality deep down could suggest differently. I mean, she does seem to have care for others deep down. Like when Shadow fell from ARK, she was the first one to ask about Shadow when Sonic re-entered the room. And she seemed genuinely upset about his 'death'. Plus, Rouge isn't one to be stereotyped. She's not a girl who worries about breaking her nails in a fight and she's certainly a tough cookie. So yes, I do like Rouge."


Flash says: "She is technically a thief, one of the many things I can’t stand but she is also quite a cool character."


Flyboy Fox says: "I just don't like her. Something about her is very generic, and I don't find her attractive at all. Just not my cup of tea."

Joe and Izzy says: "She is kind, sometimes. But she teases Tails sometimes, and she is a villain. So... No."

Custard says: "It really annoys me when some Knuckles/Tikal extremists use the word "slut" to describe Rouge. It's just like calling Shadow an emo; untrue and probably never will be true. Rouge is my favourite female, I love it when we see the non-stereotypical 'weakling, going around with flowers in my hair, loves cute things' girl. In fact, Rouge breaks just about every stereotype that has been placed on us females. She's not weak, she doesn't love cute, fluffy things and you most certainly must NOT push her about."





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